Saturday the 19th october 2019 saw Pizza, Bugs and Fun sessions all around the world.  It was amazing, truly amazing!

25 countries were present for this edition, starting with our Australian friends and ending on the American West Coast with Asia, Africa, Europe filling in the middle of the day. Hundreds of Joomlers worked together with one single goal: Make Joomla 4 our best version yet!

More Joomlers than we can count joined together to smash bugs, eat pizzas and have a truly fun time together. It was really a fantastic success, as you can see from the statistics below.

With over 230 people from 25 countries, 250 pull request tests, 2000 documentation changes, 54 merged PR and around 50 found bugs, it was a huge success.

The board is very proud of the hard work done by the Global Community and would like to wholeheartedly thank all involved. The commitment was outstanding and the work done has been priceless in helping our Production Department to take a big leap forward towards releasing the first Beta of Joomla 4.

We would like to especially thank the following people who worked hard to make the event happen and run smoothly:

  • Benjamin Trenkle: Mister Magic, our great conductor
  • Christianes Maier-Stadtherr: For all the proofreading and thousands of little improvements
  • Sandra Decoux: For Marketing and Documentation
  • Brian Teeman: For the video
  • Angélique Brix: For writing a lot of the content
  • Simon Schäfer: For the template design
  • Jenny Wullich: For the logo designs
  • Philip Walton: For the English translations
  • Mike Brandner: For handling the documentation
  • Roland Dalmulder: For organising and maintaining the servers
  • Luca Marzo: For his meticulous administration, as always
  • All the hosts and of course, all the participants all around the world.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for helping to make the event happen:

IONOSby1und1 sponsor

emilq dailyhsw it cs

hsw it cssoftforge