Week one of coding for Google’s Summer of Code 2009 has finished. I wanted to take a little time and update everyone on the progress of my project, Joomla Multi-site support. If you haven’t heard of it or want to read the full project’s details you can do so here.

I used the first couple of days of the coding period to map out the first phase and finalize the plan of implementation. This included finalizing the database scheme, and looking at example MVC Joomla components and various API functions. During this period I decided it would be best to start off by building the component which super administrators can create/edit/delete multi-sites.

Over the next few days I completed the component (com_multisite) which allows super administrators to create/edit/delete multi-sites with basic fields such as ID, Site Name, Site URL. The fields and functionality of the component will expand in the coming weeks as the project progresses. I also made my first commit to the Joomla lab’s svn Smile.

Yesterday and today I began finalizing which Joomla core tables will need the siteid field added. Over the next few days I will be implementing the Joomla core table changes into the component installer/uninstaller and tidying up the component.

Please keep checking back for more updates!