It's been over a month since Google Summer of Code 2009 kicked off and I wanted to give the community a status update on the Multi-site project. If you aren't familiar with the project you can see the project details here.

The project's development is on schedule and going well. Over the past few weeks the installer and   database configuration for multi-sites using a separate and shared setup were completed. During the past few days I have been working on the configuration loading scheme for multi-sites. This should be completed within the next few days. Following this, I will be attempting to simplify some of the multi-site configuration options. Currently the component requires knowledge of the Joomla database structure and understanding of each table's purpose. The goal is make this simple enough for any user to be able to setup a multi-site environment.

I hopefully should have an early alpha release available next week, and will be anxious to hear your feedback.

Please keep checking back for updates!