At the J and Beyond 2010 conference in Weisbaden, DE, I had the pleasure to meet and chat with Aarti Mahajan, a graduate student in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Management Department at the Ghent University in Belgium.

Aarti’s doctoral research is aimed at revealing the entrepreneurship and revenue generation opportunities within the Joomla! ecosystem.

To obtain the appropriate data for her research, Aarti has prepared two surveys aimed at Joomla! extension developers and service providers. Each survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The results of the research will strictly be used for academic purposes and will be shared with the respondents.

With the help of the responses, the companies will be compared across various dimensions and best practices leading to success of these firms will be identified.

As an academic myself, I find this research very exciting. To my knowledge, this will be the first formal economic study of Joomla! and I am very interested to see the results. Since Joomla! is all about community, I strongly encourage all developers and service providers in the Joomlasphere community to participate.

The founders of companies that develop extensions and/or templates for Joomla! are invited to participate in the survey for PRODUCT DEVELOPERS which is available at the following URL:

The founders of companies that provide services (web design, consulting, training, SEO, etc.) for Joomla! are invited to participate in the survey for SERVICE PROVIDERS which is available at the following URL:

For more background on Aarti’s research and to discuss any issues and ask questions, please visit the following thread on the Joomla! forums:

Disclaimer: Joomla!™ is a registered trademark of Open Source Matters. The research described above is not affiliated to Joomla!, Open Source Matters or any of its subsidiaries.