1.6 has brought a simple but efficient way to implement a multilang site in Joomla!®.
See the tutorial.

1.7 goes further.

  1. Some bugs were corrected in the languagefilter plugin
  2. The Language switcher module has new display possibilties. Drop-down for the languages, use of short names like FR, EN, etc.
    switcher params
  3. Ordering was added in the Language Manager-Content. This orders the flags or names in the switcher in front-end.
  4. Last but not least, we introduced a totally new feature. Those of you familiar with a 1.5 extension M17n will fastly understand.
    We can now associate menu items in different languages.
    When a menu item, let's say tagged to fr-FR, is associated to a menu item tagged en-GB, if the language switcher module is present on the page, clicking on the en-GB flag/name redirects to the en-GB menu item and reciprocally.
    If a menu item is not associated, the behavior will be the same as in 1.6, that is redirect to the home page in the language concerned.
    This let's therefore the choice for the webmaster to associate or not, item per item.

A Basic Tutorial:
Prepare your multilingual site as indicated in the tutorial. Browse the forum if you have issues as this has to be done in a structured way.

  1. Activate the language filter plugin. Make sure that "Menu Association" is set to "Yes". SAVE the parameters.
    menu association lang filter
  2. Edit one menu item to which a language is assigned.
    It is not supposed to work if the menu item is set to "All", for obvious reasons.
  3. A new slider called "Menu Items Associations" has appeared by magic.
    Each Content language created on your site will display in the slider with a combo box where you can choose a menu item in that language to be associated.
    Just choose, for one language or more.
    A menu item to which is assigned an unpublished Content language can be associated, but the menu items to which it is associated will not display that choice until the Content Language is published.
    menu item association slider

That's it. Now, when the language switcher module is present on the page displayed by a menu item with association(s), clicking on the flag/name will redirect to the associated menu item(s).