Kazakh Language Pack Added to Joomla! 3.9

Kazakh joins the officially released language packs for Joomla!, an award-winning Content Management System (CMS).

The Joomla! Translations Working Group has accredited Kazakh as an official language pack for Joomla! 3.9. With the addition of the Kazakh language, Joomla websites can now be published in 76 languages spoken around the world. These language packs come handy when developing both monolingual and multilingual sites using Joomla.

The users can now choose Kazakh as the language of their choice for the installation of Joomla. In addition, Kazakh can be used as the default back-end administration language and front-end site language. With this language pack, users will see the Joomla labels and messages in the Kazakh language. The language pack can be installed using the feature Install Languages or just like installing any other Joomla extension. If a user wants to customise any label or message, it can be done easily using language override for Kazakh.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Akylkerey Sarvarov. The information about the Kazakh language pack is available at https://community.joomla.org/translations/joomla-3-translations.html#kk-kz.

The aim of the Joomla! Translations Working Group’s Localisation Project is to continuously strive to provide an up-to-date translation of Joomla core into various languages. This is a significant project, and requires around ten thousand phrases to be translated. The current list of language packs for Joomla! 3 is available at https://community.joomla.org/translations/joomla-3-translations.html.