JPeople would like to announce our new Communication Manager, Isidro Baquero.

Isidro has been a member of the JPeople translation team since the very early days.  He has been a profound help in the Spanish community on the site where he works to assist those members.  He is also a local moderator of the International Spanish forums (username hefesto) as well as a Spanish editor on the Joomla Community Magazine.

Javier Gomez interviewed Isidro in an article on JPeople April 7, 2011.  The interview is in Spanish but translates quite well with Google Translate.

He has offered to help with the communication needs of the People site.  He will be communicating via twitter (@isidrobaq ) as well as other channels when he has People site news and information to share.  The JPeople hashtag on Twitter will be #jpeople.

Please welcome him to this newly created position.  Thank you for opening this much needed door, Isidro, it is greatly appreciated.

You can help too!

JPeople is always looking for innovative ideas and volunteers including translators for each and every language.  Post your volunteer interest in the Community Help Group.

Click here for many ways other ways to contribute to the project.

Thank you
Sandra Warren