The Petronas Tower, home of Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011

Some people might say my presentations are a bit "different".  I just think I enjoy an "energized" presentation like everyone else, and I know when open source folks are asked to listen to a keynote at 9am on a Saturday, something more than coffee is needed to keep them awake.  So I'm keen on doing my best to keep the audience happy with a bit of Californian banter and a little warm-up exercise at Joomla events.  It's also a good remedy for lack of sleep.

I was a bit concerned, however, when I was preparing for Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011.  Some folks told me that the Malaysian people are shy, reserved, and definitely not the kinds of people that would be interested in doing things a  "differently" at a technology event.

These folks obviously haven't met the growing, energized, and excited Malaysian Joomla community that yelled "Joomla rocks!" on the 29th floor of the Petronas Towers in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on June 25, 2011.

More than 120 people packed the rooms of gorgeous conference room space graciously donated by Microsoft Malaysia, with striking views of the city and enough air conditioning to make us easily forget the steamy hot temperature outside.

The organizing team for Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011, lead by Meriza Anna Mustapha, Azrul Rahim, and Firdaus Adib, put on a wonderful showing.  I was especially impressed to see their reduction on waste and effort to be a more "green" Joomla!Day by working with the Indian speakers (Parth Lawate, Saurabh Shah, and Ajay Lulia) to produce conference bags made from Indian newspapers!


  • Saurabh Shah (India)
  • Chris Rault (South Africa)
  • Ajay Lulia (India)
  • Firdouss Ross (Malaysia)
  • Syed Ahmad Fuqaha (Malaysia)
  • Shaiffulnizam Mohamad (Malaysia)
  • Errazudin Ishak (Malaysia)
  • Kartik Trivedi (India)
  • Parth Lawate (India)
  • Ankit Dave (India)
  • Azrul Rahim (Malaysia)
  • Ryan Ozimek (USA)


  • The amazing potential of Joomla! in 2011
  • Taking advantage of Joomla! 1.6 user enhancements and improved ACL capability
  • Spicing up your content using ZOO, Content Construction Kit for Joomla
  • Social networking for enterprise
  • Template customizations with Morph
  • Joomla! template frameworks - a comparison
  • APPlyfying Joomla! Why, where and how to use mobile apps for Joomla?
  • Bullet-proofing and safe-guarding your Joomla! site
  • Joomla! backup made easy
  • Joomla! 1.7 and future of the project

I'd like to extend my many thanks to Meriza, Azrul, and the rest of the Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011 for their kind hospitality and terrific effort, to my fellow speakers who sacraficed sleep to talk Joomla into the early morning hours, and to the Malaysian Joomla community that showed the world they have strong Joomla pride...and definitely aren't afraid to show it!

Thank you Joomla!Day Malaysia!  See you in 2012!


Lots of photos from the event can be found on Flickr using the #jd11my hashtag.  Have some photos from Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011 you'd like to share with the world?  Just add the #jd11my tag to your photo in Flickr!
The hardworking organizing crew of Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011
The hardworking organizing crew at Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011
Dinner the night before Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011
Dinner the night before Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011
Filled room at Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011
Filled room at Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011
42 floors up in the Petronas Tower at the end of Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011
42 floors up in the Petronas Tower at the end of Joomla!Day Malaysia
Some folks from the Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011 late-night crew
Some folks from the late night crew