We incorporated Joomla Roadmap meetings as part of the J and Beyond conference held in Germany recently. The Joomla Roadmap meetings are part of an effort to help organize and encourage the efforts of volunteers and to move Joomla development in directions where the community wants to go. Thanks to the coordinators and volunteers whose work makes this a success!

These meetings were structured to be working meetings where we could take actual steps forward to accomplishing goals that people were interested in. We started with several lightning talks on topics as diverse as Update & Migration, Multi-site, User Experience, JavaScript, Unit Tests for the CMS, Search, Unified Content Model (UCM) and Web Services. The following morning we held breakout sessions for people interested in each of these topics, followed by recaps of what was accomplished and what the next steps were that the groups would be taking.

Each of the groups comes together as a Production Working Group. You can find more information on the groups at https://docs.joomla.org/Production_Working_Groups including how you can join the effort.