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The current global crisis has changed the way most of us live unrecognisably in recent days.  We would like to take this opportunity to assure you of the support of the whole Joomla Project throughout this period.  With many regions and countries already in lockdown for weeks and more entering into it daily, we would like to encourage our community and users to stay in touch over these hard times. There is no better time than now to remember what unites us and makes us the strong, dynamic, caring community we are all proud to be members of.

Communicate, Engage, Exchange Ideas, Contribute.
Let's face this crisis "together as one".

Joomla is a great way to break boredom and keep your brain active!

Whilst we are in lockdown, many of us will find ourselves with a lot more time on our hands.  Now is a great time to learn Joomla, expand your existing skills and most importantly volunteer your time to helping make the project better for everyone.

New to Joomla?  Learn more about it

The platform allows you to build your Joomla site in a few clicks, to install or test new components, new templates. Do not hesitate to also test your project in Joomla 4.

Looking for some likeminded company? Attend a Virtual JUG or other online Joomla event.

One of the major blows to the community has been the cancellation of events and Joomla User Group meetings in person.  Many have worked hard to take these events online, which brings a positive note, as you will be able to attend events that distance may have prevented you from doing so originally.

Please keep an eye on our official social media channels and/or check the Events Directory for online events coming up.  If you are organizing a webinar or an online session relating to Joomla, please make sure you list the event on the Events Directory so that community members can find out about the event and we can promote it on social media.

Wanting to brush up or improve your Joomla skills?  Dive into our Documentation

An online collaborative community manual for Joomla! users, developers or anyone interested in learning more about Joomla! Currently, we have 8,429 articles written and translated by our Joomla! community members.

Feel like giving back? Contribute to the Project

The Joomla project is community driven, and proudly so! The project is always looking for volunteers to develop, support and maintain it. The project relies on more than just developers and whatever your level of experience or skillset, it is highly likely that your contributions needed.  Learn more here. (

Take the plunge and join a Team

Many of our teams are looking for help, to find a role that fits your skillset, head over to the Joomla Volunters Portal and check out the Help Wanted page here. (

Bring us your coding skills and help speed up the release of Joomla 4

Since the Forum for the Future that took place in January, there has been a major push to get our next version to Beta. 

If you can spare us a few hours a week as a developer or tester, you would be part of the driving force behind getting us past this important milestone.  See the latest issues here. (  If you are a documentation author please get in touch with George Wilson for a list of items that need documentation.  If you have other skillsets you feel you can offer, please get in touch with the relevant team on the Joomla Volunteers Portal here. (

PBF without the P

That's right, production is organising a rolling program on bug squashing while we are all affected by the Covid bug. These meetups will be all online over the weekends. Look out for the announcements on social media and join us squashing some bugs we're a lot more familiar with!

Do you Teach Joomla?

The Educational Outreach working group would love to hear from you! The team is starting the process of putting together a pack of educational materials as a resource for everyone involved in the sector. Please visit the team page on the Joomla Volunteers Portal here. (

More Ways to Get Involved

If you still need help in finding a way to contribute and support the project some examples of how you can get involved are:

Still not sure where to start? Contact the Volunteer Engagement Team (VET) ( and let us know a little bit about yourself and your skills - they will connect with you and help you to get started!