Joomla Marketing Team

The Joomla! Marketing Team is engaging in an exciting new plan centered around a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, implemented through a tactical marketing plan. We are re-structuring some of our processes to help us be more effective with the hours that we have available from our great marketing contributors. However, we find that in addition to several on-going positions that have opened up since the Joomla! Leadership restructuring, we also have a number of needs in completely new areas.

If you have some experience in a marketing environment and have some time to contribute we need your help. No matter your time availability, we would love to have you use your skills in marketing to help promote Joomla! Through its second decade.

Some of the general marketing skills that we are looking for include:

  • Marketing Content Writing (english fluency required)
  • Graphic Design - with online graphic design skills
  • Marketing Campaign Management - full management of primarily online marketing campaigns (from inception to delivery)
  • Product Sales (online store management, product distribution and fulfillment,etc.)

If you have any of these skills (or others related to marketing that we didn’t list above) please contact us using the link below and let us know a bit about yourself and we’ll help you get plugged into the best team for your skills.

What? You don’t have ANY of these skills but still want to help let everyone in the world know how great Joomla! Is? You can contact us too and tell us about your skills and we’ll see if we have a place for you. Even though we are focused on marketing we still need help in translating, team management, some coding and other basic web-type-stuff tasks that you might be able to help. And we’ll even help you learn some of the skills that go into the marketing process.

To find where you fit on the Marketing Team please visit our team area at and take a look at the various "sub-teams". Ready to get started ?

Apply Now!

Don’t have marketing skills?

There are plenty of places for you to help out in the Joomla! Community. Just visit to see all the places that could use your help.