What is it?

The very first Joomla! Day Poland is taking place in Poznan, Poland on September 22 - 23, 2012. This conference is brought to you by the leaders of the Polish Joomla! community with the consent of Open Source Matters. Joomla! Day Poland features a Business Day devoted to growing and developing businesses and the professional use of Joomla. The second day of the conference is a Community Day devoted to popular solutions for developing and designing websites using Joomla! 

Who is invited?

Anyone! Joomla! Day Poland is intended for Joomla! enthusiasts, developers, designers, administrators and users. Beginners and seasoned Joomla! users can gain from this event. It’s an opportunity to share ideas, techniques and knowledge and to meet professionals and members of the Joomla! community.

What topics will be covered?

Everything from site beginning workshops, management, security, optimization, programming, and development will be discussed. Close to 30 presenters are scheduled to speak over the two day event.