Consider this your invitation to join us this Saturday, the 22nd of September, for the final Pizza, Bugs, and Fun (and Birthday Party!) before Joomla 3.0's release next Thursday, the 27th of September.  It's an all-day global event that's open to all virtual participants that are interested.  There will also be local venues wherever they are organized.  The key goal is to fix as many Joomla 3 bugs as possible before Joomla 3's release.

This Bug Squish is a great opportunity for intermediate to advanced users to learn how to contribute to Joomla bug fixes within the community.  You do not have to be an expert coder or even a coder to contribute;  all we ask is that you are familiar with running Joomla on your localhost before the event and that you consider yourself at least an intermediate user.  We will provide you with the help and documentation that you need to test the Joomla 3 patches (i.e. fixes), so please join us this weekend and help us to make Joomla 3 better!

Detailed information about the event can be found in the wiki at,_2012

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