Do you have a feature that you’d like to see in Joomla? Do you have an interest in a specific area that you think needs work? Think about joining or starting a Production Working Group on that topic. These working groups are led by community members and have regular contact with the Production Leadership Team.  This is a good way for people to work together to create code that has a good chance of getting into core.

Information about existing Production Working Groups is on this wiki page:  If you would like to start a formally recognised Production Working Group then please make your proposal using the procedure on the wiki page.

Production Working Groups are not restricted to coding tasks.  A group could form for the purpose of producing a specification, for doing research, for writing documentation, or for other jobs that need doing from time to time.

If you have an idea and want to form a group to work on it, then why not propose it?  The Production Leadership Team (PLT) will review all proposals and if we think it is something that fits in with the vision and strategy for the project then we’ll help you get started.

For more details on how Production Working Groups work, see the announcement on the developer’s site: