JET Recipients Announced

The Joomla! Event Travel Programme (JET) is pleased to announce the recipients for the JET for JWC 2016.

Congratulations to the following Applicants:

Bruce Valle Ecuadorean
Mbugua Joel Njoroge Kenyan
Sebastien Lapoux French
Daniel Dubois French
Jason Nickerson American
Cliff Pfeifer American
Ufuk Avcu German
David Neukirchen German
Marc-Oliver Widmann German
Gonzalo Suez Chavez Chilean
Dawn Russell American


We had 24 Applications in total. 

There were 3 awards carried over from JAB but due to the last minute running of the programme, these recipients would not have been able to obtain their visas in time, therefore their awards have been carried over to JAB next year to ensure these can be obtained in time.