The Joomla! Extensions Directory is no doubt one of the reasons Joomla! is so popular.  The JED itself has very high traffic and receives hundreds of reviews and listing submissions per week.  One of the reasons we can maintain the quality of the JED is because each submission is reviewed by a real human being before it is approved and published.   That popularity is both a blessing and a curse to us on the JED editing team.  As a team we are held to a very high standard and lately we had been put in the position of disappointing some members of the community with a larger-than-usual backlog, and finding a way to overcome that backlog was a challenge.  Because our editing team is made of real people, we have real people issues.  Vacations, illnesses, holidays and our day jobs all contributed to a mountain of overdue submissions to review.  At the worst point our backlog crept very near to a month of time lapsing for pending extensions, and a backlog of nearly two thousand reviews.

I am pleased to report that due to the efforts of our dedicated team, and especially our carefully selected new members, our extension backlog is down to a few days, and while we will strive to have the lowest number of pending submissions, we won't always have perfectly empty queues.  Our volunteer team must always yield to non-volunteer priorities.  However, we are committed to maintaining the standard that our community has come to expect from the JED.

Our new CRM (communication hub) is currently undergoing internal testing and we are glad to have a nice clean slate to work from as we move forward with new JED technology.

We appreciate your patience during this period of transition and as always, we thank you for your continued contributions to the Joomla! Project.

NOTE: There are currently nearly 200 extensions that could not be published due to issues of licensing, trademark, functionality or any one of a dozen other obstacles.  We'll be releasing a blog post in the coming week on how the holdup can be avoided. In the meantime the developers should have received an email with the reason for delay and instructions on resolving the problem. Please contact the team at if you have any questions.