The third JoomlaDay Italy took place the 9th October from 9am to 18pm in Verona, a city of unique beauty, witness to thousands of years of history, an easy-to-reach modern business and trade centre. The JoomlaDay venue was the beautiful congress centre VeronaFiere.

The entrance was free, 750 people from all Italy's regions attended the event and they received a certificate of participation. Many others have seen the event through the live streaming. There were available two conference rooms, Auditurium Verdi (600 seats) and Salieri Room (150 seats), for 17 talks.

Thanks to sponsorships, we were able to pay the travel and accomodation expenses to Jean-Marie Simonet Co-founder Joomla! and LeaderShip team member. Special guest star of the event representing, Jean-Marie made a report about the San Jose Production Team Summit and a presentation of the new multilanguage system integrated in Joomla 1.6. We distributed 1000 sandwiches, 1000 water bottles and 1000 chocolates for free.

Joomla Day Italy 2010 Venue

The photos and the videos of the event are available on the site thanks to

Presentation Topics

Arguments treated during JoomlaDay were: web sites security, news about Joomla 1.6, how to convert a template from 1.5 to 1.6. Evangelists from Google and Microsoft presented their products.

Jean-Marie presented at JoomlaDay some new and important decisions and proposals made at the San José Summit about the future versions of Joomla, after the 1.6 version. Framework and release cycle are decisions, the various ideas concerning what willl be implemented if volunteers create specific branches and accepted by the Production Leadership Team are proposals:

  • Release of the framework of Joomla itself, only the libraries and language files, so that anybody who wants to make a special application can use the framework; this is to gain developer help and development.
  • Decided the release cycle of future versions. Once the 1.6 will be stable, then the core trunk will remain stable, every 6 months will be released a new version, this new version will contain what is ready to go in it
  • Improvement of the search indexing, search perfomance and search accuracy, going to change deeply all the search inside Joomla
  • Dependency management for extensions, will allow in Joomla 1.x components, plugins, modules to be found and installed authomatically
  • Integrated core updater
  • Ability to backup within Joomla, create and mantain test site and push changes to lives
  • Improvement of media manager, image manipulation, improvement  of integration with external media site (YouTube, ecc...)
  • Implementation of a tagging solution in the core
  • Automatic logging of errors, user activity, email notification of site errors
  • Option to install language packs from a repository during Joomla installation
  • Content versioning

Foreign Guests

  • Achim Fischer for the extension Discussions 
  • Rafael Diaz-Tushman for the extension Tienda 
  • Sébastien Lapoux for the extension JSeblod CCK 
  • Nick Balestra for the extension Anahita Social Engine

Joomla Day Italy 2010 Venue

Many Thanks Yous

A special thank to all the volunteers of Italian Joomla community that helped during the event and the days before to setup the venue, the welcome packs, the food and beverage distribution and more and more other.  The good atmosphere and the collaboration spirit, made the event successful and a great experience.

JoomlDay Italy 2010 was organized by:

We'd also like to thank our major sponsors:

We also had sponsorship help from:

Because of the sponsors as it was thanks to them that we could organize the event in a so special venue and provide 100% free entrance, food and beverages.

Also, $USD 1000 (as the $USD 1000 of the past event have been donated to, that is the difference between the costs and the incomes of the event, plus the donation made by JoomlaDay participants