Joomla Marketing Survey

Who are the users of the Product? What is its target market and how do people use it?
These questions are very important in deciding the direction of the product from a production perspective and the positioning of the product from a Marketing perspective. These are also questions that are frequently discussed in the community but we do not have any hard data to define our audience better.

With this survey we hope to reach out both inside our community as well as our overall ecosystem of designers, developers, integrators, agencies, hosting companies, freelancers, students and just about everyone that work with Joomla! as well as people and companies whose sites are powered by Joomla!

Take the Survey

A few minutes of your time will help the Marketing Team discover who uses Joomla! & how is it used. Please click on the link below to take the survey.

Take the Survey

Spread the Word!

And please don’t stop there! Please share this post and help us reach out to maximum people. The nature of this survey demands that we reach out the maximum people and all types of people that use Joomla. The wider and deeper we go, the better the data and insights will be!

If you are an Extension Developer, Template Club, Hosting company or a Joomla! related Cloud Services provider, please do help us get to a wider audience by promoting this survey! We are relying on you to ensure we reach far and wide!!