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Powering approximately 4% of the web, Joomla! is one of the leading content management systems today.

As a leading hosting company, positioning yourself to support Joomla can be a great value addition to your marketing strategy without any major impact on your infrastructure outlay in terms of hardware or manpower.

The minimum requirements for Joomla are pretty standard, but there are other steps you can take to ensure that your company is providing top quality support to your Joomla customer base.

Blog about Joomla

Not only would this help to develop your presence as a reputable hosting provider within the Joomla! community, but it may also help to drive traffic to your site from search engines and social media channels in line with your existing marketing strategies

Get involved in the Joomla community

There are lots of places where you can get involved in the Joomla! community. Perhaps consider whether any of your team could contribute to the Joomla Community Magazine or help with supporting Joomla users in the forums?
We also have a documentation wiki which can be updated - your technical knowledge in the hosting area would be great in some of our articles on this subject.

If you employ developers and technical staff, why not see if they would like to contribute to the Joomla Bug Squad - finding and squashing bugs, working on new features, testing, documenting and more.
We regularly run 'Pizza, Bugs and Fun' events and would welcome involvement from any of your staff who would like to find out more about Joomla and get involved with the community.  Maybe you might even want to consider sponsoring the Joomla project?

Sponsor Joomla Days and Other Joomla events

Joomla events are a great way to reach out to the Joomla community and position yourself as a Joomla supporting host.  You can check out the upcoming events here :

Provide specialist Joomla support

Invest in your staff - perhaps have some of them specialise in Joomla so that there are always people on hand who can offer top-level Joomla support if needed besides regular Hosting support.

Highlight Joomla

Give Joomla special focus in your marketing material, cpanels etc and make Joomla users more comfortable. Improve your positioning in the eyes of the Joomla customer & get them on board !

Offer Joomla specific value additions

There is no limit to how much you can innovate here. Special quick installs, templates, security enhancements and much more.


If you are a host already supporting Joomla or considering adding Joomla support & looking for help in integrating better with the Joomla community, please fill out this form!

This Valentines day, start or enrich your love affair with Joomla!  Get Involved!

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Credits: Written by Parth Lawate, image by Chiara Aliotta