Joomla and Peakon Surveys

The Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team has been working with Peakon to help understand and improve how the Joomla! Community works with its volunteers. As part of this process a detailed survey is being conducted with volunteers working with Joomla.

We encourage all volunteers working with Joomla! to participate in the series of surveys and complete them as honestly as possible. It is critical we get data from enough volunteers to ensure the data is representative.

The first round of weekly surveys will help us to understand our overall volunteer ecosystem better and in turn, improve it.
Future surveys will be more specific to your department(s). Your answers are completely anonymous. We hope you will help us by taking these surveys to help make Joomla better!
The biweekly survey only takes about 5 minutes during your coffee break.

In order to participate in these surveys, you need to be registered on the Joomla! Volunteer Portal and update your profile to allow Joomla! to share your data with Peakon for the survey.

Joomla Volunters Portal

If you agree, the following details shall be shared with Peakon:

  • Your Full Name so that they can address you in surveys
  • You Email Address so that they can send you surveys
  • Your Country so that they can send you surveys at the right time of day.

The data provided to Peakon will not be used for any purpose other than sending you the weekly survey. The surveys taken are anonymous.

Thank you for your participation!