I'm constantly traveling from one event to another, and many times I find myself in front of a crowd of government leaders and managers interested in using Joomla! within their agencies.  At each of these events, I receive the typical question one would expect:  "so, which governments around the world are using Joomla, Ryan?"  For too long, I didn't have an answer for them.

So, I made a call to the community to make sure I could better represent Joomla at these events.  In early April 2011, I asked the community via Twitter to help me document government sites running Joomla around the world.  Within a few hours, the community posted more than 100 sites.  Within 24 hours, the community posted more than 200.  In less than two weeks, the community posted over a thousand sites.

To date, more than 40 users have contributed to documenting more than 1,800 government sites around the world powered by Joomla.  With this information, as I'm hopping around the world spreading the word about Joomla, I now have an answer to all the question, "so, which governments around the world are using Joomla?"

Thank you to the following community members (in alphabetical order by the Joomla Wiki username) for volunteering your time and effort to help compile this impressive list.

Airton, Alanski, Alledia, Altansukh, Brian, Carcam, Chessman, Dougall, Gcoulter, Gnumax, Hagengraf, Isidrobaq, Ivanramosnet, Javier.gomez, Jcardenasvejar, Jen4web, Jonnsl, Joomlacorner, Joomlaworks, Joomstore, Justinherrin, Krijksen, Lookielou, Maskebe, Nibra, Nikosdion, Ot2sen, Paulories, Pe7er, Radek, Rajasetan, Raphael.carvalho, Rdeutz, Ryan.ozimek, Sueter, Toretto, Unworthyslave, Vistamedia, Willin, Ygorbarros, Zombiefan

Thanks community... Joomla! in government rocks!