Ever wished you could support the developers who devote themselves to making Joomla one of the leading Open Source CMS? Now you can! Joomla has joined the GitHub Sponsored Organization Program.

GitHub has launched GitHub Sponsors, a way to give financial support to Open Source contributors on all kinds of projects. Joomla is one of those projects.

As you probably know, Joomla’s developers are working hard on our best Joomla ever: Joomla 4. The amazing new features in Joomla 4 make it a CMS everybody will want to use. Every Joomla user is looking forward to this new version.
Your sponsorship can speed up the availability of Joomla 4

It will also allow us to improve and better maintain our official websites and the Joomla Issue Tracker as well. 

Funding our developers helps them to keep doing their great work.

Do you have an account on GitHub? Then we have good news for you: any GitHub user can financially sponsor Joomla. 100% of your sponsorship goes directly to the project.

Become a sponsor now!