In may 2010, the website (PJO or JPeople), mainly built on Jomsocial, launched as a beta to see if the social media sides of joomla could be centralised. It also provided a home for the Joomla User Groups, developer fan clubs and various communication channels with the Joomla teams.

Recent changes on the joomla family sites such as Events team getting their own subsite, the JUG team relaxing the rule on forcing people to have a listing on PJO, Community blog posts discussions moving to the forum and with the impending release of 2.5 earlier this year, the moderation team asked the community for suggestions of how to improve the site.

Community comments received on why PJO didn't work.

  • Already got facebook
  • There is a youtube channel for joomla
  • Moderation too heavy handed
  • To much spam/spam not sorted quick enough
  • Developers using site to bypass JED and Jconnect - eg when they are banned
  • Everyone land grabbed and all the best names gone
  • Jomsocial too hard to understand and update
  • Site confusing

With this is mind, the ability to create new groups and to register new members was removed.

This had a strange side effect in the fact that not only did fly by posters and spammers [the majority of registrants] but people who signed up and never returned all ceased.

Only a handful of posts on the forum asking why the site has disabled registration has shown that the site in its current state is not fit for purpose or interest.

Therefore after careful considering all responses from the community it has been decided to close the site and archive all content effective November 30th 2012.

This will enable all interested users to copy content they may find useful. I repeat that the content will not be deleted, just archived for future reference and use as the project sees fit.

Solutions for existing users are:

JUGs - update your details on and link to a suitable site.
JUG Events - Use
Developer Fan Clubs - no suitable on project sites exist.
Joomla Facebook -
Twitter -!/joomla

The decision to close JPeople was agreed by the CLT

Comments can be made here