happy birthday joomla! but when?We are getting close to the 5th birthday of Joomla! and many people have already started to discuss ways to celebrate.

But when exactly is the birthday?

To some extent Joomla! is like the Queen of England. She has two birthdays, one the actual date of Her birth and the other the date of Her coronation.

For me there are three possible dates that we could choose for Joomla:

  1. August 17th - the date that we split from Mambo link
  2. September 1st - the date the Joomla! name was announced and www.joomla.org was launched link
  3. September 16th - the date of the first release of Joomla! link

What do you think? When should we officially celebrate Joomla's fifth birthday?

Oh, and don't forget to visit people.joomla.org to help plan the parties.