As readers of this blog, the development mailing lists and the work group forums know, in recent weeks we've been collecting feed back on having some paid development. We asked people to reflect on the impact on them personally and collected both survey type information and open ended responses. Thank you so much to the 70 people who responded for taking the time to share your thoughts and for the really thoughtful and heartfelt responses.

The form closed a little while ago, and we know people are curious, so we wanted to share the results right away. The qualitative results are here.

I'll just share some simple descriptive statistics below. Of course it will be extremely interesting to see how different subgroups differ, but these results are extremely interesting.  Later there will be more posts that summarize overall findings and patterns.

Close Ended Evaluation Questions

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How would you summarize the impact on you personally?

Overall how would you summarize your involvement in the past few months compared to the past?


Overall has  your ability to get development advice, feedback or mentoring improved, gotten worse or stayed the same?

In sum how has your attitude towards people being paid changed in the past several months?

Do you think you should be paid by OSM for the work you are doing for the Joomla project?

Do you think there are other specific individuals who would have been more appropriate for OSM to contract with?

What is your summary view of  the pace and quality  development in the last few months compared to earlier (January-August)  in 2009?

Summary of if your answers would change compared to when you did not know there was paid development.

All things considered, what is your overall feeling about  development paid for by OSM?

Who filled out the form?


How long have you been in the Joomla! community?


In what ways have you contributed to the Joomla! Project in the past 12 months?

What best describes you?

How active are you in the Joomla! community?


Do you earn money working on Joomla!?


Other Data

While I am sharing data, I thought I would add this, which is a simple graph of activity on the developer mailng lists in 2009.