As you know, this past fall OSM started to pay Louis and Andrew for a day or two of their time per week working on Joomla! Development. This was done as an experiment, and now is the time at which we will begin evaluation of the results. The most important question is: what is the impact of this on our community of contributors, which is to say the people who are contributing to the Joomla! project.  We are also interested in the thoughts of the wider world of engaged users and Joomla! business people who may not contribute directly, but do have a stake in the continued success of the Joomla! Project.  We invite everyone to participate in this process by filling out this form.   We'll collect responses until 11:55pm UTC on January 31 2010.

We want to emphasize that this form focuses on the actual impact on people and firms, not on philosophical discussions or speculation about the impact on other people.

Of course a form like this is not in any way a vote or a popularity contest, nor is it scientific. It is simply one of a number of ways of collecting information from people with a variety of experiences and backgrounds. We'll be sharing the results of this and other analyses in February.

Thanks for your help with this.