Call For Translators

The JUG Team helps JUGs around the world become Registered Joomla! User Groups. For years the Rules and FAQs and Terms of Service articles have been in English only and then in Spanish. There are many, many more languages that would help prospective JUGs understand the rules before they submit their listings to the JUG Team. It would speed up the process if they could read the rules/terms in their own languages.

The JUG Team have moved both the Rules and FAQs doc and the Terms of Service doc into the Joomla! Documentation Wiki. Now these two documents can easily be translated into multiple languages.

What the JUG Team needs is for people who speak both English and a second (or third or fourth) language to translate these docs into other languages.

Can you help?

It can be at your own pace but we would love it if you would finish.

How you can help?

  1. Just go to the Documentation Translators ( page
  2. Read through the required reading
  3. Follow the directions for translations.

The pages we need translated are:

  1. Joomla User Group/FAQs and Rules for Submission
  2. Joomla User Group/Terms of Service


Need help? Please email and we can add you to the JDocs Translation chat group on Glip where there are experienced docs translators that can help walk you through the process.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! This will be wonderful for JUGs wanting to start around the world.