Call for a Joomla! Mascot

The Joomla! Marketing Team would like to officially invite entries to our Joomla! Mascot contest. The Joomla! Mascot contest is open to all community members and external designers. Get your creativity working!

Anyone with a great idea is encouraged to submit it regardless of their ability to render or animate a final version, with the understanding that they will end up sharing credit with the 3D modeler, rigger and animator.

The Joomla! Mascot Contest will run in the following format...

All community members and designers are invited to submit mascot design concepts for The Joomla! Project.

To enter a design it must be entered as a submission

The Marketing Team will then consider all entries and vote on a group of five finalists.
The community will then be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite mascot design concept from the five finalists.

The Marketing Team reserves the right to have the winning concept further developed by our creative team to fully meet our needs without remaining precisely faithful to the submitted concept. Additionally this will allow us to formulate a usage guide and versions specific to various animation software and media rendering formats.

The closing date for entries will be 23.59 GMT 16 December 2016.
Finalists to be announced and the community vote will commence on a link that will be communicated on 21 December 2016.
Everybody will be able to vote once for their favourite mascot.

Voting will close 23:59 GMT Tuesday 17 January 2017. The mascot with the highest number of votes will, absent animation issues, become the official Joomla! Mascot.

The winner will be announced on the Community Blog on 20 January 2017 and will be interviewed for the February issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

Rules for people wishing to enter the Joomla! Mascot Contest ...

  • Enter each design you wish to propose as a new, separate submission. Do not enter a design as a reply or variation in the same submission.
  • While you may add and reply to comments, please do not add additional mascot art into any existing entry threads other than to render a response to a comment. The committee will not consider any art posted in comments below the original post.
  • All submitted work must be original and not based on any pre-existing design. An exception is available if you utilise a character creation kit or existing internal structure for animation in combination with your original character design in order to obtain an animation rigging or starting skeleton that is rigged for movement so long as the structure, skeleton or kit is licensed for commercial use and you can document that license or is your own pre-existing design. If you do utilise such existing kit or rigging, capture screenprints to document your adaptation work. These screenprints and license documentation do not need to be included in your forum submission, but will be requested if you become a finalist.
  • If your entry has trademark or copyright issues due to potential similarities to existing trademarks and mascots of other software projects, it will not be considered.
  • By entering a mascot design you agree to transfer the copyright on the design to The Joomla! Project along with all source geometry, rigging and texture files necessary to render it should your design win.
  • Entries should not contain any text other than the full word Joomla! or J! or the single initial J.
  • Ideally the mascot design is rigged for animation, but that is not a requirement at this stage. It is enough to be a design that can be animated in the future. The committee may animate your design or a derivative variation of your design after selection as either a 2D (cartoon cell style) or 3D character.
  • The mascot design should look good in different colour spaces for screen & print (grayscale, CMYK and RGB) and on a t-shirt (for conferences and fundraising.) It must scale up/down well depending on use.

Prior to the conclusion of the contest, the five finalists will be required to complete and sign a Copyright Assignment and Contribution Agreement consistent with these rules which will be available on submission.