We publish here the chat log from our second "Ask The Joomla Team" Session.

Next Session will be happen on 28th April 2010 12 UTC with Elin Waring and Louis Landry.

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Chat log

[2:00pm] xyzulu:Welcome along everyone!
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[2:00pm]xyzulu:In case our nicks are confusing, I'm Brad Baker, and louislandry is.. well.. Louis Landry
[2:00pm]ian_mac:oh...  that's who louislandry is
[2:00pm]PBWebDevelopment:Thanks for the reminder Tweet brad
[2:01pm]louislandry:It confuses most canadians i know
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[2:01pm]xyzulu:Louis and I are here to see if we can answer your questions.
[2:01pm]lafrance:hey be nice to us
[2:01pm]louislandry:i love candians
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[2:01pm]louislandry:i just love messing with them when possible
[2:01pm]xyzulu:i think we're both appreciate your cooperation in helping us reach this goal
[2:02pm]xyzulu:So, who has the first question?
[2:02pm]xyzulu:and BTW.. sorry in advance for my spelling.. if i focus on that, my replies will be a lot slower
[2:02pm]louislandry:^^ what he said
[2:03pm]lafrance:Will there be a preview of the db imported fro J 1.5 to 1.6 or will this be include in beta ?
[2:03pm]lafrance:Will there be a preview of the db imported fro J 1.5 to 1.6 or will this be include in beta eh! ?
[2:03pm]xyzulu:Thanks Pierre. Louis can take that one  Louis?
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[2:03pm]louislandry:I am not sure I understand the exact question... what do you mean by preview of the db ?
[2:04pm]lafrance:importer for J 1.5 to J 1.6 will this be include in beta or it own download extension
[2:04pm]louislandry:and thanks for the eh  makes me feel warm and fuzzy
[2:04pm]louislandry:Good question!
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[2:05pm]louislandry:So as of right now, we don't anticipate having a solution for this during the beta phase .. and this is partially good because we don't really want to facilitate people using the beta for any production sites.  We hope to work with some people (and one in particular that I cannot remember right now) in building this out during the beta/rc phase and if I get my way make it part of the 1.6 installation process.
[2:05pm]louislandry:</stream of conscious>
[2:06pm]lafrance:great make sense thank you eh!
[2:06pm]xyzulu:Thanks for that qn Pierre.
[2:06pm]louislandry: ... next question
[2:06pm]xyzulu:who has the next one?
[2:06pm]Steven__:is it likely that we can see a 1 password system on j.org
[2:06pm]xyzulu:I can grab that if you like Louis
[2:06pm]louislandry:go ahead
[2:07pm]xyzulu:The easy answer is.. we're like to  BUT it's not at all simple
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[2:07pm]xyzulu:the system is simple I guess, and this is someone like Sam's speciality. I do have a document he wrote I can share with you explaining just what is involved
[2:08pm]xyzulu:To be honest, I can't see it happening soon, but it's is something on the list, and something we'd all benefit from.
[2:08pm]louislandry:Just to jump in... Sam and I have done some spec'ing out of what we want and have brainstormed some ways to do it... and it is absolutely something we are working on, but there isn't a set timeline as of right now.  Other priorities
[2:08pm]Steven__:what about using open id and a temp fix?
[2:08pm]xyzulu:not all our sites would work with open id without modification
[2:08pm]xyzulu:such as the forum, for one example
[2:09pm]Steven__:ahh got ya thanks
[2:09pm]xyzulu:but we'd like it, as much as you would
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[2:09pm]xyzulu:is that sufficient an answer for you?
[2:10pm]louislandry:Believe me i dont' want to remember all the credentials i have for the j.org sites
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[2:10pm]FlahDesign:How are we doing with 1.5.16? Any updates on release date?
[2:10pm]xyzulu:I planned to share sam's doc on the Community Google Group, just didn;t get around to asking his permission
[2:10pm]xyzulu:that seems to be qn # 3 there..
[2:10pm]xyzulu:One for you Louis?
[2:11pm]louislandry:FlahDesign: I believe it was posted in the PLT meeting notes from today that we are planning a release Friday or Saturday
[2:11pm]louislandry:I would have to go back and check for sure.
[2:11pm]louislandry:That is of course assuming that some sort of catastrophe doesn't surface ... *fingers crossed*
[2:12pm]RandolfCrescini:1.6 has alot of great features.  Can I get away with just using k2 for 1.5?
[2:12pm]Robert_Vining:<< waves hi to all... 1.5.16 said the 23rd on the list Louis
[2:12pm]louislandry:.5.16 planned for Friday, April 23
[2:12pm]AndrewEddie:       http://groups.google.com/group/joomla-wg-production/browse_thread/thread/2d60de2328ef4f7f    
[2:12pm]jools:Title: April 20 Meeting Minutes - Joomla! Production Working Group Leadership | Google Groups (at groups.google.com)
[2:12pm]xyzulu:Thanks Randolf.. just wait while we finish this qn .. thanks
[2:13pm]louislandry:I think that probbaly does that one.
[2:13pm]xyzulu:right.. there it is :).. clear as the PLT meeting minutes, thanks for the link too
[2:13pm]RandolfCrescini:np.  Take your time.
[2:13pm]xyzulu:ok, Randolf.. thanks for your qn.. i've doign well here.. Louis?
[2:13pm]PBWebDevelopment:Cool new updates on Friday
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[2:13pm]•xyzulu is doing well in the sense of having Louis answer most questions
[2:14pm]louislandry:@RandolfCrescini, I would say use the tool that does the job for you ... regardless of what it is.  If Joomla 1.5 + K2 gets the job done for you then there is nothing wrong with that solution.  I am not intimately familliar with K2, so I  don't know that I can really give you sound advice on a path.
[2:14pm]louislandry:That being said, 1.5 is here now and if you have a pressing project its best to just use what is available and ready to go... I do consulting too
[2:14pm]FlahDesign:Thank you all for the update
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[2:15pm]xyzulu:does that help you with your qn?
[2:15pm]RandolfCrescini:Great! Thanks for the advice.
[2:15pm]xyzulu:Louis is awesome for advice!
[2:15pm]PBWebDevelopment:I heard some talk about updating the community side of Joomla, are we allowed to know whats happening yet?
[2:16pm]xyzulu:thanks Peter for your qn
[2:16pm]louislandry:I'd also ask Fotis what his intentions are regarding update to 1.6 when its released... and consider that in your thinking.
[2:16pm]RandolfCrescini:He's a good guy.  I'm also Canadian.
[2:16pm]xyzulu:would you like to be more specific Peter?
[2:17pm]skOre:@louislandry - Sorry, can you clarify?
[2:17pm]xyzulu:do you mean the community.joomla.org site, or the social site we blogged about a few days ago looking for comments and feedback?
[2:17pm]PBWebDevelopment:I heard on the grape vine that there were going to be a lot of site changes to community.j.org
[2:17pm]PBWebDevelopment:yeh community.joomla.org
[2:17pm]louislandry:skOre: what do you want clarity on?
[2:17pm]skOre: the grape vine... big theme last JAtT as well
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[2:18pm]xyzulu:apart from the planned magazine, and the overall redesign process going on with all our sites, I've not heard any major changes discussed
[2:18pm]skOre:@louislandry - just don't know what you are hinting at, so curious in general
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[2:18pm]skOre:as far as we have been told last QA, 1.5-1.6 extension update process is supposed to be a piece of cake
[2:18pm]louislandry:I'm not hinting at anything in particular.  What part are you talking about? Asking Fotis about 1.6?
[2:19pm]skOre:no, you said we should check back with Fotis
[2:19pm]xyzulu:Sory Peter.. hold on..
[2:19pm]skOre:and I would like to do that... but I don't understand the question yet
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[2:20pm]louislandry:Yes... I would ask anyone who's extensions I was using what their plans are regarding 1.6 rollout, because I would want to be on the latest software as soon as possible.  Really has nothing to do with Fotis or K2 specifically
[2:20pm]louislandry:Same advice I was giving people before the 1.5 release date
[2:20pm]PBWebDevelopment:either way its sounds like some interesting changes across the entire sites. I hope it makes things more usable
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[2:20pm]louislandry:That clear it up?
[2:20pm]xyzulu:I'll tell you what I can in a sec Peter.. sorry.. jsut some left over from the previous qn goign on
[2:20pm]•xyzulu irc is a pain sometimes
[2:21pm]skOre:ah ok - 1.5 switch was a tad bigger though  - Was really just asking because Robert said that the 1.6 switch wouldn't be any problem
[2:21pm]skOre:so - go on!
[2:21pm]FlahDesign:thank you all...I am heading out...night!
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[2:21pm]xyzulu:ok, thanks. Right, back to Peter's qn
[2:21pm]xyzulu:Peter, you'll probably want to read: https://community.joomla.org/blogs/community/1160-joomla-social-site-rfc.html
[2:21pm]jools:Title: Joomla Social Site RFC (at community.joomla.org)
[2:22pm]xyzulu:as well as: https://community.joomla.org/blogs/community/1151-the-new-joomlaorg.html
[2:22pm]jools:Title: The new Joomla.org (at community.joomla.org)
[2:22pm]xyzulu:there is also, but more wading to do: http://groups.google.com/group/joomla-wg-community
[2:22pm]jools:Title: Joomla! Community Working Group Leadership | Google Groups (at groups.google.com)
[2:22pm]DrDigi:what does 1.5.16 address?
[2:22pm]xyzulu:Hold on DrDigi.. we're still with the previous qn
[2:23pm]xyzulu:anything more specific that you have heard or want info on Peter?
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[2:23pm]skOre:ah, I see Brad is a member on that as well
[2:23pm]xyzulu:cần thông tin nữa không?
[2:23pm] Parth is now known as Guest79012.
[2:24pm]skOre:@xyzulu - Which software packages are currently being considered?
[2:24pm]•xyzulu rolls out some Viet for Peter
[2:24pm]xyzulu:hold on skOre.. thanks
[2:24pm]Guest79012:you mean i didnt get the nick ?
[2:25pm]d3vlabs|ubuntu:sup all
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[2:25pm]xyzulu:Peter, sorry.. think we better move on.
[2:25pm]xyzulu:Ok, DrDigi asked a qn above..
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[2:25pm]louislandry:ah yes... 1.5.16
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[2:26pm]parth_lawate:Hi all
[2:26pm]parth_lawate:did i get here in time ?
[2:26pm]DrDigi:nope, its over
[2:26pm]xyzulu:sorry parth, we're in the middle of a qn
[2:26pm]PBWebDevelopment:your viet skills still astounds me
[2:26pm]louislandry:I am not intimately involved in that release but I think there are a couple smaller security issues and several bug fixes.
[2:26pm]louislandry:It isn't a huge release though.
[2:27pm]DrDigi:why cant we make admin modules and force publishing to cpanel? they always install left
[2:27pm]xyzulu:i did also see something regarding the contact form cache settings too
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[2:28pm]louislandry:ok, what was next?
[2:28pm]lafrance:Will J 1.6 or 1.5.16 resolved session problem in databse
[2:28pm]xyzulu:what problems Pierre?
[2:28pm]lafrance:always over flow
[2:29pm]louislandry:define overflow
[2:29pm]xyzulu:a little beyond my skill level, but if you refer to the issues we had with JED a few weeks ago, i don;t think they are inhently a problem with Joomla
[2:29pm]xyzulu:will let Louis take the coding part though
[2:29pm]lafrance:well on my site have same problem often
[2:30pm]lafrance:seem will not release users
[2:30pm]louislandry:I'm not aware of a specific fix for an issue like that, but I wasn't aware of the issue either.  Have you flied a bug report on the tracker?
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[2:31pm]lafrance:this is after 1 hour on my site
[2:31pm]parth_lawate:not sure if this has come up earlier : At What point will users be able to simple upgrade between major versions rather than migrating ? This is a major concern for ppl who have gone thru 1.0 to 1.5 migrations..
[2:31pm]lafrance:530,464 Bytes
[2:31pm]lafrance:       #_session    
[2:31pm]skOre:(<- my question is still open, Brad)
[2:31pm]xyzulu:Parth, sorry.. we have one before you still. qn that is
[2:31pm]xyzulu:still on this one with Pierre
[2:32pm]xyzulu:Pierre, for the sake of moving on.. could we perhaps disscuss this dev issue somewhere else later?
[2:32pm]louislandry:lafrance: I'd suggest if you haven't to post the bug on the tracker, and if you have to maybe ask about it on the mailing list.
[2:32pm]xyzulu:kewl kewl
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[2:32pm]xyzulu:jsut before Parth's questions.. skOre asked: Which software packages are currently being considered?
[2:32pm]xyzulu:can you clarify please skOre?
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[2:33pm]skOre:sure, which software packages are you currently considering for the "social update" after ATAAW is going down
[2:34pm]xyzulu:I am not involved with that ATAAW site at all, are you perhaps confusing me with someone else?
[2:34pm]skOre:of course you are not
[2:34pm]skOre:but you are involved with the community workgroup
[2:34pm]xyzulu:the RFC we posted about the Joomla Social site I can comment on if that i what you mean?
[2:34pm]parth_lawate:is this about people./social.joomla.org ?
[2:34pm]PBWebDevelopment:oh and thanks for the links brad
[2:34pm]skOre:yes, please do
[2:34pm]xyzulu:no probs Peter. happy to fill you in offline/IRC later.. ping me if you like
[2:35pm]PBWebDevelopment:will do, interested in the goss
[2:35pm]xyzulu:as we posted in the Joomla Social Site RFC blog post, we have chosen to use Jomsocial
[2:35pm]xyzulu:links were above to that blog post
[2:35pm]skOre:yes, I would still like my question answered, though
[2:36pm]xyzulu:i'm missing something.. sorry.. can you clarify?
[2:36pm]skOre:which other software package did you consider besides JomSocial?
[2:36pm]parth_lawate:I think the Question is what all extensions are being considered in genereal ? @skOre ?
[2:36pm]xyzulu:personally I have had most expecirance with CB and Jomsocial
[2:37pm]xyzulu:they seem to be the most popular and widely used ones, at least among those in production already
[2:37pm]skOre:So you're saying these two are the ones that were being considered?
[2:37pm]xyzulu:I am aware of a few others, but they are not as widely used/released, or as popular
[2:37pm]xyzulu:We have chosen Jomsocial
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[2:38pm]louislandry:We ready for the next question?
[2:39pm]xyzulu:Parth had one
[2:39pm]parth_lawate:@xyzul if possible pls tell us about other extensions that shall be used there..
[2:39pm]xyzulu:we have no others we plan to use inititally
[2:39pm]xyzulu:parth_lawate: not sure if this has come up earlier : At What point will users be able to simple upgrade between major versions rather than migrating ? This is a major concern for ppl who have gone thru 1.0 to 1.5 migrations.
[2:40pm]skOre:I'm sorry, is it such a hard question to aanswer? Just name the extensions you have considered (and yes, the ones you are going to use).
[2:40pm]louislandry:I'm pretty sure he mentioned CB and JomSocial skOre
[2:40pm]louislandry:and that they chose JomSocial
[2:40pm]skOre:he also mentioned he is aware of others
[2:41pm]skOre:and I would like him to tell us which ones dropped out - and why
[2:41pm]louislandry:doesn't mean they were considered
[2:41pm]lafrance:can we move on this as no relation
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[2:41pm]elkuku:push to question stack: Will Joomla in some future release adopt a modern language file format ? I feel your are reinventing the wheel forcing PHPs ini parser to parse language files..
[2:41pm]skOre:because right now we seem to have concluded at JomSocial in no time, and there were some serious concerns raised over that decision recently
[2:42pm] sp_ joined the chat room.
[2:42pm]xyzulu:Feel free to putyour concerns in the Google Form  we provided, thanks.
[2:42pm]louislandry:@parth_lawate, I don't have a good answer to that question other than it is certainly something that is being worked on and 1.6 has a whole bunch of work done to an updating mechanism to make that stuff easier moving forward.
[2:42pm]louislandry:My hope is that we can start moving that direction with the 1.6.x series
[2:43pm]louislandry:and certainly start to perfect it in the 1.7.x series
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[2:43pm]skOre:yeah right... seems like that is what these chats here are about.
[2:44pm]xyzulu:Ok, next qn was:
[2:44pm]lafrance:skOre, and what your point can we move on
[2:44pm]xyzulu:elkuku: push to question stack: Will Joomla in some future release adopt a modern language file format ? I feel your are reinventing the wheel forcing PHPs ini parser to parse language files..
[2:44pm]skOre:@lafrance - oh nothing, just want a question answered, not danced around
[2:44pm]Robert_Vining:question... I've seen Andrew mention an extension updater built into the installer, but don't remember if this is planned for a 1.6 or 1.7 addition... can you clarify?
[2:45pm]louislandry:elkuku: Andrew posted a great explanation on that at: https://community.joomla.org/blogs/community/1159-ask-the-team-14th-april-2010.html#comment-13588
[2:45pm]jools:Title: Ask the Joomla Team - Chatlog 14th April 2010 (at community.joomla.org)
[2:45pm]louislandry:at the end of that comment
[2:45pm]skOre:@elkuku the PHP ini thing has been answered in the last chat, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1992398/AskTheJoomlaTeam_2010_04_14.txt - search for "ini"
[2:45pm]xyzulu:next qn is:
[2:45pm]xyzulu:Robert_Vining: question... I've seen Andrew mention an extension updater built into the installer, but don't remember if this is planned for a 1.6 or 1.7 addition... can you clarify?
[2:46pm]louislandry:My understanding Robert is that 1.6 already has mechanisms to do that, but I haven't delved too deep into it in the last few months as Sam has largely been the one working on it.  I believe it is already functioning in trunk.
[2:47pm]Robert_Vining:thanks! Will nightly have that feature then for test?
[2:47pm]Robert_Vining:nightly = trunk?
[2:47pm]louislandry:I believe so.... I am not 100% on how it works, but yo ucould ask sam on the CMS list and I am sure he'd be happy to talk you through any questions
[2:47pm]adamwooding:Hi all!  My question:  Are there anly plans to build on the user manager (not ACL) in future versions of Joomla?  ie.  making it easier to customise a user profile, etc.
[2:48pm]louislandry:and yes the nightly should be a snapshot of trunk
[2:48pm]ian_mac:trunk has had it for months
[2:48pm]parth_lawate:@louislandry is there a chance it can come in earlier ? as we have seen lots of poeple exiting due to that.
[2:48pm] thomaskahl joined the chat room.
[2:48pm]louislandry:@adamwooding, yes
[2:48pm]louislandry:parth_lawate: what is "it"
[2:49pm]adamwooding:@louislandry  That is fantastic news. Thank you.
[2:50pm]xyzulu:we'll have to move on then.. next question?
[2:50pm]parth_lawate:Its the updating /migration q
[2:50pm]Robert_Vining:how is the new dev site coming? Will we see it go live soon?
[2:51pm]•xyzulu loves it when Louis get all the questions
[2:51pm]louislandry:@parth_lawate I don't think we will be backporting that code into 1.5 ... at least there are no plans for it, so the soonest you will see it is 1.6
[2:51pm]xyzulu:i've seen the site.. it's great!
[2:51pm]skOre:any news on the release date? Last status was "days, weeks" - a week ago
[2:51pm]xyzulu:the new dev site and the new social site are the two things I am most looking forward to in the near future. Along with the overall redesign.
[2:52pm]louislandry:The new dev site is going slow and steady... I am hoping to set a stake in the ground and do a "beta" release by end of the month.  From there I can get help from a broader group on getting all the pieces put into place.
[2:53pm]lafrance:due out after 1.6 is stable Brad ?
[2:53pm]Robert_Vining:thanks Louis. Sounds like a good plan
[2:53pm]xyzulu:due out as soon as we can get it done.
[2:53pm]xyzulu:who's got the next qn?
[2:53pm]DrDigi:why cant we make admin modules and force publishing to cpanel? they always install left
[2:54pm]coder4life:out of curiosity, are we actively updating the development status of 1.6 (I believe located in google docs), we like to see progress here, the people patiently waiting
[2:54pm]xyzulu:coder4life, see the PLT notes posted earlier, or i can link you again if you like
[2:54pm]xyzulu:DrDigi.. louis?
[2:54pm]coder4life:might of missed it, thanks xyzulu
[2:55pm]louislandry:DrDigi: probably because no one has coded up, submitted and gotten our attention on it
[2:55pm]xyzulu:       http://groups.google.com/group/joomla-wg-production/browse_thread/thread/2d60de2328ef4f7f     
[2:55pm]jools:Title: April 20 Meeting Minutes - Joomla! Production Working Group Leadership | Google Groups (at groups.google.com)
[2:55pm]louislandry:I don't think anyone is specifically opposed to it, its just not been a priority for anyone that I know of
[2:55pm]Robert_Vining:do you plan a full on bugsquad blitz like with the 1.5 release?
[2:56pm]d3vlabs|ubuntu:cant it be done through installation xml file
[2:56pm]Robert_Vining:I mean anyone jump in and start squashing now?
[2:56pm]d3vlabs|ubuntu:@ drdigi
[2:56pm]DrDigi:i consantly get emails saying my module doesnt work... when they always got it in the wrong possitions
[2:56pm]coder4life:just read that, good news, good news, thanks for that update
[2:56pm]DrDigi:d3vlabs|ubuntu, no
[2:57pm]louislandry:so to more thoroughly answer Robert's question
[2:57pm]louislandry:We intend to shift the 1.6 to a more JBS centric approach in the near future.... be looking for a blog that Mark and I are putting together on that in the next day or so.  And yes, we do intend to do more of a JBS blitz on things soon.
[2:57pm]louislandry:the 1.6 process&
[2:58pm]Robert_Vining:great news... getting close then. I'm excited as I know you are!
[2:58pm]louislandry:Joomla Bug Squad
[2:58pm]xyzulu:ok, who's next? maybe time for one more
[2:58pm]louislandry: absolutely
[2:58pm]Robert_Vining:Thanks for this initiative guys... very helpful to me!
[2:58pm]xyzulu:I'm only paid to do this for 2 more mins
[2:58pm]•xyzulu is joking of course..
[2:58pm]•skOre knows better than to ask again, just to be danced around again
[2:58pm]xyzulu:SkOre, let me try again
[2:59pm]xyzulu:you asked which software was being considered. I answered, Jomsocial and CB WERE considered, but we have chosen Jomsocial.
[2:59pm]xyzulu:is that clear enough?
[3:00pm]skOre:yes, my question was - were these the only ones considered?
[3:00pm]xyzulu:if you are looking for suggestions on other "social" software, I might not be the best person to ask.. not liking that much of the "social" scense myself on a personal level
[3:00pm]skOre:well, you are on the community workgroup
[3:00pm]d3vlabs|ubuntu:will j 1.6 have a new default theme by rhuk
[3:00pm]Robert_Vining:ahhhhh comeon brad. you tweet with the best of us.
[3:01pm]xyzulu:they were the only ones we coudl seriosuly consider based on popularity and software stability. I am certainly aware of others in dev, and other hosted solutions I am very active on the internet in my day job, as well as Joomla
[3:01pm]Robert_Vining: <<<< that was a joke bud. smile.
[3:01pm]louislandry:d3vlabs|ubuntu: if he builds one and gets it into a branch pretty soon maybe so
[3:01pm]xyzulu:I tweet work.. social I do with my friends offline.. doesn;t mean i don't respect those that are the "social/facebook" types.
[3:02pm]Robert_Vining:what's facebook...
[3:02pm]louislandry:       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole    
[3:02pm]jools:Title: Black hole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)
[3:02pm]d3vlabs|ubuntu:has anyone asked him to build one @ louislandry
[3:02pm]Steven__:it wasent clear in the blog post, what is the goal of a "social" site or is athat a question that needs to be asked on that blog?
[3:02pm]Robert_Vining:nice chat guys! thanks alot!
[3:03pm]Robert_Vining:nite all
[3:03pm]louislandry:Yes, and he's been working on it for quite a while as far as I understand.
[3:03pm]xyzulu:Steven, that is exactly what we're looking for input on
[3:03pm]xyzulu:we have our own "vision" but want others to help shape the site.
[3:03pm] Robert_Vining left the chat room.
[3:03pm]xyzulu:ok, well.. this has been great.. I didn't know much, Louis took most of the questions..
[3:04pm] Daniel__ left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[3:04pm]gregdaynes:Thanks Brad and Louis
[3:04pm]xyzulu:thanks for all your cooperation that lead to a nice civil and organized discussion.
[3:05pm]louislandry:its been great all...
[3:05pm]louislandry:i'll hang around a little while longer then i'm going to go find a bed
[3:05pm]adamwooding:Thank you Brad and Louis for your time.
[3:05pm]xyzulu:keep up the good work in support of Joomla!
[3:05pm]xyzulu:i'm going to take off now.