After conversations with several developers, we'd like to provide a little clarification for people with listings in the JED.

Essentially all the rules break down to two simple dos and don'ts:

Two Things You Can Do

  1. Reply to a review. If you want to reply directly to a reviewer, click "Reply". Please don't ask us for a reviewer's contact details as we cannot give that out. However, you can give the reviewer a way to contact you.
  2. Report a review. If you think a review is incorrect and want to ask for its removal, click "Report" and explain why. Our rules for reviews are here.

Two Things You Can't Do

  1. Don't don't touch your extension listings in any way, except "reply and "report". Please don't submit reviews, don't vote, don't click "Is this review helpful?".
  2. Don't touch any other extension in your category. After all, there's little difference between voting 0/5 for a rival and voting 5/5 for yourself.

Please make sure that everyone else who works with your follows these rules. Violating them may lead to a warning or suspension.

What Should I Do If I've Broken These Rules?

If you've clicked "Is this review helpful?" a few times, don't worry about it. However, if you've reviewed your own extension or one of your rivals, you may want to email us via .

I hope this clears things up. We don't enjoy suspending developer's listings, but we do it to help two groups:

  1. Other Developers. Put yourself in the shoes of a developer whose rivals keep giving themselves 5/5 votes.
  2. Extension users. Its great to get fair, unbiased feedback from other people who have used the extension.