We are pleased to announce to the Joomla! Community the finalization of a new Joomla! Translation and Localisation Policy.

At the same time as it defines the general principles and purposes of Joomla! project concerning Internationalization, it also clarifies the status and organization of the Joomla! Translation Teams and all licensing matters relating to Translation.

In the near future, it will be easier for Joomal users to get all available languages in a central repository, contact directly the various Translation Teams, access local language community sites and their resources, and volunteer to propose new language packs or join an existing Team.

Read and/or download a pdf of the new Translation and Localisation Policy here:


Main Language Repository is here:

The list and contacts of Joomla! Translation Teams are here:
(This listing is going to be updated according to compliance to the new Policy)

To contact the Joomla! Translation Coordination Team, please first post in the Translation forum:



The Joomla! Translation Coordination Team




Roman Blanty