Last week, Kyle Ledbetter gave an amazing presentation covering the standard set of core UI elements for the frontend and the backend of Joomla! 3.0. Kyle is a principal usability engineer at Ebay and leader of the massive JUX effort. You can access the recorded version on the Joomla! Youtube channel. Kyle explained how the new UI is not simply a front end or back end template, but rather a set of common UI elements for everyone. He explained how developers can contribute to the JUI core, and help to maintain the best practice of using a common UI, if they note a missing element. Please stay tuned as there will be a follow up webinar on this project.

Watch it Now!

Frequently Asked Questions about the JUX Project (AKA Joomla SDK)
Learn about the future of what will be the new Joomla SDK. Much like the iPhone has the iPhone SDK the Joomla JUX team is working on common ways for the entire Joomla! community to collaborate and build on common IU/UX standards.
Can I watch the Joomla User Experience Recorded Webinar (JUX)?
Well, yah! Watch it now!
Where can I locate the primary GIT Repo for the JUX Project?
What type of skills do I need if I want to help the JUX team?
If you’re an experienced Joomla! programmer, read about the tasks we're currently working on. You can also visit the JUX Forum, create a topic, and explain how you'd like to help.
Can I offer feedback of what I’ve seen so far?
Absolutely! Visit the JUX Forum.
Where can I learn about Twitter Bootstrap?
We’re going to extend these classes, but general Bootstrap and Joomla! experience is all you need.
What are the final release dates?
The goal is to have a Beta in July and GM in September.
I have Ninja-like Joomla! skills and I want to help build. Where can I signup to be assigned a task to help?
Or ping @kyleledbetter on twitter any time!
How do I contact the JUX team leader with important inquiries?
Ping @kyleledbetter on twitter any time!
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Who else is working with Bootstrap framework in Joomla land?
Projectfork (4.0 alpha built on Bootstrap coming out soon)
Kunena: Bootstrap version under construction
Jomsocial:  Bootstrap version under construction 
Are there Joomla 2.5 Templates or projects built on Bootstrap?
Strapped (free)
JooStrap (commercial Bootstrap templates & modules)