Late last year I blogged about's growth over the last two years. Essentially the site had become 50% busier in that time, with the then attracting 6 million visitors per month.

Well, the release of Joomla 1.6 accelerated that growth so rapidly the site has grown by nearly 25% in the last four months.

The release day of January 10th immediately became the site's busiest day ever, but oddly enough traffic grew on subsequent days and January 12th now holds the record with a third of a million visitors.

What's surprising is that traffic boost hasn't subsided at all. Over the last month, has attracted nearly 7.5 million visitors. I've posted a Google Analytics screenshot below.

We also had some inquiries via Twitter regarding what platforms and browsers people use to the visit the site, so I've included those below.

Oh, and there's a fun screenshot at the end. Last time we posted about the countries that visit most frequently. This time you can see the countries that don't send many visitors including the Vatican City and North Korea (unfortunately visits from Antarctica dropped off this month for some reason).

Finally thanks to you for being a member of the Joomla community and one of those 7.5 million visitors, thanks to the good folks at for hosting the site and thanks to the volunteers that run the site.

Overall Stats From Last Month

February 2011 Google Analytics

Browser Stats From Last Month

February 2011 Google Analytics

Operating System Stats From Last Month

February 2011 Google Analytics

Countries With the Lowest Number of Visitors Last Month

February 2011 Google Analytics