During October, the Joomla project hit another milestone in its continued growth: Joomla.org attracted 6 million visits for the very first time.

6 million visitors not only shows how popular Joomla is, it also shows substantial growth. Traffic has grown 50% in just the last two years!

This seems like a good time to show you some facts and figures on Joomla.org:

Joomla.org Google Analytics Reports

Here are the Joomla.org stats for October 2010:

2010 Google Analytics Joomla.org

This month marks a 25% increase over October 2009, when conicidentally we hit the 5 million visit mark. Here are the 2010 stats compared to the same month last year:

2009 - 2010 Google Analytics Joomla.org

Not enough of a coincidence? 2010 also marks a 50% increase over October 2008, when we hit the 4 million visit mark. Here is October 2010 matched against October 2008:

2008 - 2010 Google Analytics Joomla.org

Where Do Joomla.org Visitors Come From?

Here is an overview of where Joomla.org visitors came from during the last month:

Map Google Analytics Joomla.org

Countries Google Analytics Joomla.org

Thank You - All 6 Million of You !

There's clearly a lot of people to thank for helping Joomla get this far. There is Rochen.com who host the Joomla sites, there are all the volunteers who work so hard to maintain and update them and finally there's you ... thank you for taking an interest in Joomla and helping to make us such an important part of the web today.