Google Summer of Code 2010

The 2010 edition of the Google Summer of Code has been announced, and we are setting the groundwork to submit our application to participate again this year. Joomla! has participated 5 times in the Google Summer of Code and has benefited greatly by the continued support that Google offers to the FOSS world through this program. One of the best benefits for Joomla! has been the retention of students as contributors to the project long after the program ends. A lot of great work has been accomplished that has not only been of benefit for the core code base, but also extensions that have been produced and the innovation the Google Summer of Code work has inspired, every single year we have participated. Joomla! at this time is one of the most successful open source projects in its class with downloads now exceeding 15 million, and the Google Summer of Code has been integral to that success. An in-depth look at all of our past participation shows how important this program is for both Joomla! and the students that participate:

As a project we have been really lucky to have had a fantastic group of mentors and students involved, and to make our application successful this year, we need another great group.

Information for Prospective Students:

Information for those wishing to Mentor:

  • Read Google's Summer of Code FAQs.
  • Please join in on our Community discussions and interact with the prospective students.
  • Share your ideas on the Summer of Code 2010 Project Ideas list.
  • Email JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING or JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING this year's program Admins to let them know you are interested.

The Mentoring Organisation application period begins March 8, 2010 and ends March 12, 2010. The list of accepted Mentoring Organisations will be announced on March 18, 2010 at 12 noon PDT / 19:00 UTC and will be posted on the Google Summer of Code 2010 site. The student application period begins March 29, 2010 at 12 noon PDT / 19:00 UTC and ends April 9, 2010 at 12:00 at 12 noon PDT / 19:00 UTC. Please see the Google Summer of Code 2010 timeline and FAQs for further information.