The Capital Committee Team of Open Source Matters is looking for additional candidates to join our existing team. We are looking to expand our current team to meet the increased goals and ambitions of Open Source Matters to financially support the Joomla! Project, Joomla! Events, and other Joomla community initiatives.
What is the Capital Committee?

What does the Capital Committee do?

The OSM Capital Committee Team is responsible for all sponsorship and fundraising activities for the Joomla! Project. The OSM Capital Committee Team builds strategies for encouraging growth in sponsorships, builds targets for each year’s sponsorship revenues, and provides regular reports to the Open Source Matters Board on the activities of the Capital Committee.

Responsibilities and Tasks include:

  • Management and Review of the Project’s Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Creation and Completion of Sponsorship Contracts.
  • Recruitment and communications with new and potential sponsors.
  • Maintenance of existing sponsors.
  • Maintenance of a new sponsors website and tools.


Two new language features are added in Joomla! 3.0.3:

  1. Installation of language packs when installing the CMS
  2. Extension of items associations to remaining core components in multilanguage.

Installation of language packs when installing Joomla!

After implementing the installation of language packs through the Extension Manager since 2.5.7 ( See ), Javier Gomez completed his GSOC project by coding this new functionnality.