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Joomla! User Group Bangkok

Joomla! User Group Bangkok , Thailand.


Joomla! User Group Taichung

We are the project specialist , designers and developers from Taiwan. We love Joomla!® this group will sharing technical knowledge help members to revise the problem on the Joomla!. through the gathering we let the more people to knowing "what is Joomla! " and "why we love it". we also help government , school and nonprofit organization group to use Joomla! easier. * JUG Taichung is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla!® name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.” * Joomla!的用戶群是不隸屬於或認可的Joomla!®項目或開源的事項。在Joomla!®名稱和標誌是根據經批准開放源碼的事項,在美國和其他國家的商標持有人的有限的許可使用。


Joomla! User Group Kaohsiung

我們是居住在高雄,喜好 Joomla!® 的一群人,如果你也知道 Joomla! 的好,或是想多瞭解 Joomla!,歡迎到我們的臉書專頁瞭解、參與,本使用者社群的首次活動將於 2016 年夏季舉辦。* We are joomlers in Kaoshiung city, we would like share the benefits of Joomla!® to people. Our first meeting will be summer 2016. Please join our Facebook page to find out about Event details.


Joomla! User Group Kandy

We are the first Joomla! User Group in Sri Lanka. We meet once a month to discuss and learn about Joomla! and related technologies. Not only that, we will have talk and presentations on start-ups, freelancing, promoting Joomla! and open source philosophy, and many things. It is a great opportunity to meet people working and studying IT in Kandy.

Category:Sri Lanka

Joomla User Group Kuala Lumpur

Joomla User Group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.User group for knowledge sharing, suggestions and sharing of ideas. Lets encourage the use of Joomla in our area.


Joomla! User Group Petaling Jaya

This Group is open to everyone (Students,professionals, business people e.t.c). The aim of this group is to promote the use of Joomla! among the local Community.However, you can join this group irrespective of your background to connect, learn and share ideas with other Joomla! group members.


Joomla! User Network - Ahmedabad

Joomla! User Network - Ahmedabad is a registered Joomla! user group mainly originated from Ahmedabad. If you are in Gujarat - and looking for Joomla! Contribution Locally, we would like to invite you to join to group to make this community stornger. Contact any of our member and they will help you to join.


Joomla User Group Pune

JUG Pune is a enthusiastic crowd of Joomlians and Joomlers from in and around Pune and is one of the most active JUGs in the area. We are also behind the organisation of Joomla Day India. Meetups cover a range of topics from beginner topics to hard core development. Free trainings, Expert speakers and more await you here ! PS. We occasionally also have freebies and goodies to give away from our awesome sponsors ! If you are a Joomla Enthusiast & are based in Pune, you gotta join ! Facebook Group : Google List :


Joomla User Group Bhilwara

JUG Bhilwara is a enthusiastic crowd of Joomlers from in and around Bhilwara. Our meetups covers a range of topics from beginner topics to hard core development. Free training, Expert speakers and more await you here !


Joomla! User Group Jabalpur

For all the new Joomlers, we organize special meetups to fill their basket of knowledge with skilled information. The meetups are a great source of interacting with new people and establish connections with the people who find their life in the most powerful and an open source content management system. For more details about the meetups, you can contact via the provided details. We believe it is always the simplicity that turns marvellous. A simple knowledge combined with a sense of sharing can create Joomla realization among the society. So, come be a part of our simple but yet modernized Joomla community and add a label of “Joomler” to your web collar.


Joomla! User Group Bangalore

Informal group of Joomla Users in Bangalore


Joomla! User Group Delhi

Together as community we educate students, companies new to joomla, professionals and enthusiast by sharing knowledge and love of joomla in Delhi and nearly 200km area.


Joomla! User Group Dhaka

This is a Joomla! User Group (JUG) for Bangladeshi Developer and Designer Specially for Dhaka Region. You are free to discuss anything related to Joomla.


Joomla! User Group Sydney

A friendly meeting for anyone involved or interested in Joomla, from beginners to geeks, business to technical, designers, students, end users...etc. We have one or two presentations per meeting and an intro round where you can get your own questions answered. There's also plenty of time for you to network. Some of our presentations are technical and some are more business-oriented. We usually have one show-and-tell presentation, where a member demonstrates and discusses their own site.


Joomla! Users Group Fraser Coast

Joomla! Users Group Fraser Coast is open to everyone from Beginners to Veteran Geeks! Whether you use Joomla! for personal or business, regardless of skill level. The aim of the group is to promote the use of Joomla!, it's benefits to the greater community, and development into the future.


Joomla! User Group of Western Australia

We are the Joomla User Group for Western Australia. All joomla users welcome from all levels of experience from newbie to pro.


Joomla! User Group Melbourne

The Melbourne Joomla Users Group meets once a month to share knowledge about Joomla. Come along! Everybody's welcome!


Joomla! User Group Canberra

Ours is a free monthly group for users of the Joomla content management system. There are many Joomla users, web designers, web developers and Joomla contributors in Canberra and district and this group meetup is a chance for them to learn and share their Joomla experiences. This meetup is perfect for newbies, expert Joomla developers, web designers, web managers and anyone wanting to learn more about Joomla. All welcome.


Joomla! User Group Adelaide

Alltraders and ProBiz host the Joomla User Group Adelaide meetings alternatively on the 2nd Tuesday of every 2nd month. Made a new website in Joomla? Need help and advice? See your website on our big screen and get valuable marketing, usability and technical advice. Found (or developed) a component, plugin or module that really shines? Share it and let's have a look! Learn about the latest Joomla developments, code and events, and Joomla update info including new functionality / security. Bring along $5 to cover provided food and drinks. All news and discussion can be accessed via the Joomla User Group Adelaide page on The easiest way to sign up to meetup is with your Facebook / Twitter account, otherwise sign up with your e


Joomla! User Group Brisbane

Our group has a wide range of members from Andrew Eddie who was keynote speaker at JoomlaDay Australia 2015 and a range of members who are just starting out in Joomla! Please come and join in discussions and remember, no question is too basic, we thrive on finding answers to all your questions. Each months meeting is filmed so that all Users throughout QLD who are unable to attend the group meeting can still view the meeting a day or so later. We meet Feb to November each year.


Joomla User Group Kampala

Joomla User Group Kampala meets monthly to discuss and share knowledge about Joomla.


Joomla! User Group Durban

Promoting Joomla and Open Source software in Durban

Category:South Africa

Joomla! User Group Cape Town

Promoting Joomla and Open Source software in Cape Town.

Category:South Africa

Joomla! User Group Zaria

Joomla! User Group (JUG) Zaria,Nigeria is a gathering of many joomla users who come together to organize meetings to engage in sharing, Developing each other, and collaborationg together in many ways of using joomla. * Our group meets only once in six months for a start. * The Meetings will hold in Zaria for now. When our number increase,more venues will be added around Northern Nigeria,and increase in the number of meeting time. * The Group is None Profit IT support group we share, * support and collaborate of ideas in the open source community of Joomla!. * We are anticipating that this will also help create awareness and develop Nigeria IT industries with our little efforts.


Joomla! User Group Lagos

Joomla! User Group (JUG) Nigeria is a collection of various joomla enthusiast users who collectively organize several meetings to discuss, share and have fun networking together at various possibilities of using joomla. The group shall meet (to start with) once in a quarter. Meetings will be at Locations in Lagos. * As time goes on, the frequency and location of the meetings will be increased. This Group is A Not-for-Profit IT support group that would enable free flow of support and exchange of ideas in the open source community of Joomla!. This we hope will help those of us that have benefited so much from the community to give back to the community that has helped our work so much. * Events shall be organised from time to time by the group.