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JoomTO - Joomla! User Group Tocantins

Founded in Palmas / TO, we are a group of users of the CMS Joomla, and we intended the meeting of professionals, entrepreneurs and all people who are interested directly and / or indirectly by this CMS. The idea is to create an active community, with collaboration on translations, creation of modules, components and everything else that can help both professionals, and those who are entering the use of CMS or interested in having your site or the your institution, made in Joomla. ---------------------------------------------------------- Criada na cidade de Palmas/TO, somos um grupo de usuários do CMS Joomla, e temos por finalidade a reunião de profissionais da área, empresários e todas as pessoas que se interessam direta e/ou indiretamente


Joomla! User Community Bogotá New!

Somos un grupo de profesionales y seguidores de Joomla!. Diseñadores web y programadores que nos hemos conocido en varios cursos y relaciones comerciales y hemos decidido crear un grupo de usuarios Joomla! para compartir conocimientos, experiencias y proyectos, así como difundir el gestor de contenidos Joomla en Bogotá. We are a group of professionals and followers of Joomla, web developers and coders. Most of us are freelance and we have known in recent courses and commercial relationships and we decided to create a user group Joomla! to share knowledge, experiences and projects and spreading the Joomla content manager in Bogotá.


NYC Joomla User Group

What are we? We are a group of Joomla! users that get together once a month for networking, brain picking, and to have a good time! Each meeting will involve topics that cater to end users (front end users, business type people), web developers, Joomla! developers, and those that are just thinking about Joomla! Who are we? Our group is only as good as the people that come to our meetings! Although we do have our own 'core', anyone is welcome to voice their opinion, present on a topic, or help out with an event. Again we must empasize that anyone interested in Joomla! will get something out of our meetings! Why should I come? Since our meetings are only as good as the people in attendance, that is why you should come! If you

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Joomla User Group Rio Grande do Sul

Group of Joomla Users from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


Joomla! User Group Distrito Federal Calango

Grupo de usuários do Distrito Federal, chamado de Joomla Calango, reúne diversos profissionais do âmbito governamental e privado da capital do Brasil. Buscamos interagir e trocar informações sobre o CMS Joomla! Temos iniciado o projeto de criação de uma distribuição do Joomla! já adaptado para a realidade do governo brasileiro, projeto denominado J-GOV. Junte-se à nós! Para 2015 estamos organizando mais uma vez o Joomla Day Brasil, evento nacional Joomla! /// User Group brings together various professionals from government and private sector of the capital of Brazil. We seek to interact and exchange information on the CMS Joomla! We started the project to create a distribution of Joomla! already adapted to the reality of the Brazilian government


Joomla! User Group Sussex

To expand Joomla use and knowledge within the Sussex area. LinkedIn Facebook

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Joomla User Group Sussex

Enable users in Brighton and Hove and other Sussex areas to meet face to face.

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Joomla! User Group Aachen

This user group meets every first Friday of a month at 8 pm. It is open to all people using or interested in Joomla! and its extensions. Best practices regarding installation, maintenance and upgrade of Joomla! based websites will be on the agenda as well as experiences with extensions and their use. The user group is also intended to chat about matters beyond Joomla! be it in the Open Source world be it anything else. Wir treffen uns an jedem ersten Freitag eines Monats um 20:00 Uhr.


Joomla! User Group Friedrichshafen

Wir sind die User Group in Friedrichshafen, Raum Bodensee und Umgebung. Du bist herzlich willkommen. We are the User Group for everyone from Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance and surrounding. You're welcome.


Joomla! User Group Sao Paulo

Group formed of some Joomla enthusiastic, created to helping users, designers and developers who loves our cms. We aim to bring together users and show the news who are going on in Joomla. The meetings will be monthly and in a specified location previously for us. Our intent are spread our love about Joomla to people in our meetings and also participate in talks and seminars, in locals like colleges, universities, meetups of FOSS, organizations and etc. Grupo formado por alguns entusiastas do Joomla. Criado para ajudar os usuários, designers e desenvolvedores que amam nossos cms. Nosso objetivo é reunir usuários e mostrar as novidades que estão acontecendo em Joomla. As reuniões serão mensais e em um local especificado antecipadame


Joomla! User Group Sorø

User group Sorø er en brugergruppe der er startet i 09-02-2012. Vi laver møder hver måned med emner som vil blive offentlig gjordt via vores nyhedsmail samt på vores website og på Alle vores møder vil altid slutte med tid til at spørge ind til egne problemstillinger ved de projekter der er i gang. "Spørg en nørd" We have meetings every month except july. All are welcome but to get mail every month about next event they have to registre at Language).


Joomla! User Group Paris

Parisian friends hello! JUG Paris (France) has been set up to grow the Joomla! community in Paris neighborhood. We regularly have talks by the members on aspects of Joomla Administration or integration. We wish today to group webmaster and amateurs of around Joomla! To share our experiences. Thus the objectives are: to discuss, to form, to have a drink (or two) as well as that to share our realizations and problems around Joomla! Any suggestions of dates, places and themes for our meetings are welcome. See you soon...


Joomla! User Group Ceara

Group formed of some Joomla enthusiastic, created to helping users, designers and developers who loves our cms. We aim to bring together users and show the news who are going on in Joomla. The meetings will be bi-monthly and in a specified location previously for us. Our intent are spread our love about Joomla to people in our meetings and also participate in talks and seminars, in locals like colleges, universities, meetups of FOSS, organizations and etc.


Joomla! User Group Pernambuco

Our Joomla! User Group is formed of some Joomla enthusiastic users who collectively organize some meetings to discuss, share and have fun networking together at various possibilities of using Joomla. The frequency of the meetings will be bi-monthly and location will be increased. This Group is A Not-for-Profit IT support group that would enable free flow of support and exchange of ideas in the open source community of Joomla! in Pernambuco. This we hope will help those of us that have benefited so much from the community to give back to the community that has helped our work so much. Our meetings feature workshop and presentations made by members of JUG.


Joomla Tokyo

Members come from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds: We are Joomla users, designers and developers from Japan, America, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Spain and more. Come for the content. Stay for the ice cream!


Joomla! User Group Chicago North

Founded in 2008, JoomlaChicago is a Joomla User Group, with over 600 members serving the greater Chicagoland area. Each meeting has a set format that caters to all experience levels including: KickStart (beginner topic), Main topic and a Pro hour (for advanced users). The group has a great pool of speakers that draws from local talent that always deliver high quality presentations. So come for the free lunch and stay for the Joomla fun. Visit our website for more information.


Joomla! User Group Karlsruhe

We are the User Group for everyone from Karlsruhe and surrounding.


Joomla! User Group Denver Colorado

The Denver Joomla! Meetup meets monthly to discuss all things Joomla! Our topics are mainly centered around using and working with the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) and extensions, but also include other aspects of website development, design, coding and internet technologies critical to running and creating Joomla! websites. Joomla! appeals to a full spectrum of website users and developers from beginners to veterans and our members run the range of novice to expert in various fields of internet work. The Denver Joomla! Meetup welcomes all members at all skill levels and we do our best to provide a mix of topics from beginner to advanced. We encourage members to request topics and offer feedback so we can choose topics that are hel


Joomla! User Group Rio de Janeiro

Hi all! I’m Ariadne, one of the founder and organizers of Joomla User Group Rio de Janeiro - We are a newly established JUG in Rio de Janeiro (one of the states of Brazil, very popular for its beautiful beaches, summer high temperatures and unique carnival), which focuses on integrating all who work with Joomla in the city (and the state), in a strong and cohesive business network based on friendship, trust and professionalism. Founded in July 2012, has as other organizer: Mr Og Sperle. Others members are coming and joining our group. Our meetings happens every Quarter of a year. We discuss technical issues such as code, MVC creation, design, templates, creation of tutorials on the most frequent questions we rece


Joomla User Group caRIOca

JUG caRIOca, affectionally named after the term used to designate the natives of Rio de Janeiro, intends to focus its work on exchanging experiences among its members, promoting Joomla in our city, while being a space in the "real" world for networking. We meet on a monthly basis in downtown Rio. - - - JUG caRIOca, afetuosamente denominada com o termo com que são chamados todos que nascem na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, foca seu trabalho na troca de experiências entre seus membros, na promoção do Joomla! na cidade ao mesmo tempo que é um espaço para networking no fora do virtual. Nosso encontros acontecem mensalmente no Centro do Rio de Janeiro.


Joomla! User Group Kano

JUG Kano is a Developers Community which bring Technology enthusiast together to compete and build IT related solutions also training kids, youths & Women on Technologies Skills


Joomla! Users Group Phoenix

Joomla! Users Group for Metro Phoenix, Arizona. We are newly underway and have 15+ members. We organize events with the help of We will also have FB and Twitter accounts in the future. We are committed heavily into everything Joomla! and new members are always welcome, regardless of experience. We hope that you will join us !


Joomla User Group Heerenveen

||DUTCH|| De Joomla gebruikersgroep regio Heerenveen komt elke maand bij elkaar. Bezoek voor een overzicht van de komende bijeenkomsten en om in contact te komen met deze gebruikersgroep. ||ENGLISH|| The Joomla User Group Heerenveen meets every month. Visit for a list of upcoming meetings and to get in touch with this user group.


Joomla! User Group Alger

The Joomla! User group of Algiers, will do meetings to discuss about Joomla!, we also will organize some workshops for beginners who wants to use Joomla! To create their web site, the user group meeting will take place quarterly in Algiers. Le Joomla! User group d'Alger a pour but de réunir et de créer une communauté Joomla! à Alger, réunion trimestrielle est organisation d'atelier de formation Joomla, n’hésiter pas à nos faires part de vos suggestion et idées.


Joomla! User Group Padova

Joomla User Group Padua is a community that promotes the use of Joomla, organizes events, workshops and talks on the CMS Joomla! and Open Source Software.