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Joomla User Group Shropshire New! Popular

A Joomla User Group for Shropshire to promote on-line discussions and collaborations plus arrange quarterly meet-ups.

Category:United Kingdom

JUG im Aargau Popular

[DE] Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe die sich alle zwei Monate in Lenzburg trifft. Es geht uns in erster Linie darum, uns persönlich kennenzulernen und uns über Joomla! zu unterhalten. [EN] We are a small group of enthusiasts who meet every two month in Lenzburg. Primary objective is to meet in person and exchange ideas about Joomla!


Joomla User Group Breda

||DUTCH|| De Joomla gebruikersgroep Breda komt elke maand op de laatste dinsdag van de maand bij elkaar. Bezoek voor een overzicht van de komende bijeenkomsten en om in contact te komen met deze gebruikersgroep. | |ENGLISH|| The Joomla User Group Breda meets every month on the last Tuesday. Visit for a list of upcoming meetings and to get in touch with this user group.


Joomla User Group Freiburg

Wir sind eine bunte Gruppe von Joomla-Enthusiasten und treffen uns monatlich zum Austausch, zur Anregung und für interne Schulungen. We are an enthusiastic joomla-user-group and meet us months for learning, discussion and trainings.


Joomla User Group Trojmiasto

[ENG]Joomla! User Group - Tri-City is a group of Joomla enthusiasts from this beautiful seaside agglomeration. We are open to any initiatives and with a great pleasure we'll invite to our gropu all, who want to support us in creating this Joomla! lovers crew. [PL]Joomla! User Group - Trójmiasto to grupa entuzjastów Joomla! z Trójmiasta. Jesteśmy otwarci na wszelkie inicjatywy i z przyjemnością powitamy w naszym gronie wszystkich tych, którzy swoją aktywnością przyczynią się do rozwoju zespołu trójmiejskich entuzjastów Joomla!


Joomla! PDX Popular

Joomla! PDX is a user group based in the Portland, Oregon area.


JUG Seattle

This user group welcomes anyone who has interest in the Joomla! Content Management System. Whether you are someone who would like to know more about what Joomla! is or if you are a business owner, everyone is welcome to come, share and learn.


Joomla! User Group Canberra Popular

Our current web presence is as Here, we post our notice of upcoming meetings. In addition, we 'minute' meeting news at this domain: the tips n tricks that our members share. You can view them at We also showcase member sites and stories of how they've been set up etc. All welcome.


Joomla! Community Jodhpur

A new open source project has been come in Jodhpur, if you are around to the Jodhpur and you want to Contribute with Joomla project or you want to Involve in Joomla Community Jodhpur, You can because open source means "Do whatever you Want." Welcome all of you.


JUG Zürich

[DE] Der Joomla Verband Schweiz möchte Joomla! besser bekannt machen und bietet mit dem JUG Zürich eine Plattform an für Diskussionen, Vorträge und Gedankenaustausch zwischen allen, die sich mit Joomla! näher befassen möchten. Egal ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittener, jederman ist bei uns willkommen. Eine Mitgliedschaft im Joomla Verband Schweiz ist nicht Voraussetzung, um an unseren Treffen teilnehmen zu können. [EN]The Joomla Association Switzerland aims to help make Joomla! better known, and JUG Zurich offers a platform to for discussions, lectures and debate about anything related to Joomla! - come along if you want to take a closer look! Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, everyone is welcome. A membership in the Association ...


Joomla USER GROUP Kelate

Joomla! User Group For Kelantan Darul Naim, Malaysia


Joomla! User Group Podlasie

[ENG] We are a group of people, lovers of Joomla, which aims to popularize this CMS in Podlasie. The group was created to integrate the local environment around Joomla! We are planning training, lectures, meetings and other forms of events. [PL] Jesteśmy grupą osób, miłośników Joomla!, która ma na celu popularyzację tego CMS na Podlasiu. Grupa powstała, aby integrować lokalne środowisko wokół Joomla! Planujemy szkolenia, wykłady, spotkania oraz inne formy imprez.


Joomla! User Network - Ahmedabad

Joomla! User Network - Ahmedabad is a registered Joomla! user group mainly originated from Ahmedabad. If you are in Gujarat - and looking for Joomla! Contribution, we would like to invite you to join to group to make this community stornger.


Joomla! User Group Dallas / Fort Worth Popular

The Dallas / Fort Worth User Group is a North Texas Joomla! mentoring user group committed to helping each other learn how to leverage Joomla! to make sophisticated web-sites for little investment. Our meetings for Joomla! User Group - Dallas / Fort Worth feature workshop sessions or discussion sessions addressing a few aspects of the system where we learn from each other how to build, improve, and maintain full-featured sites. Sometimes we focus on a particular aspect, extension, application or topic.


Joomla! User Group Amman

Joomla Support in Jordan-Amman


Joomla! User Group - Szczecin

[ENG]Joomla! User Group - Szczecin promoting and spreading Joomla! in region of Western Pomerania in Poland, giving support to individuals, institutions, companies and local communities in using Joomla! [PL]Joomla! User Group - Szczecin promuje i szerzy Joomla! w regionie Pomorza Zachodniego. Chcemy wspierać w zakresie użycia Joomla! zarówno osoby fizyczne jak i instytucje, firmy i społeczności lokalne. Serdecznie zapraszamy do współpracy wszystkich zainteresowanych.


Joomla User Group Budapest (Joomla Klub)

A Joomla Klub ( - egy magyar Joomla Felhasználói Csoport mely 2010-ben alakult. Három hetenként tartunk összejöveteleket a Csokonai Művelődési Központban (1153 Budapest Eötvös u. 64-66.) A Joomla Klub egy nem profit orientált önsegítő csoport, klub, melynek a céljai: - Segítünk megérteni a Joomla CMS-t és bővítményeit a kezdő felhasználóknak. - Segítünk egymásnak a Joomlával kapcsolatos , illetve a weoldalépítéssel összefüggő (grafikai, közösségi média, stb.)problémák megoldásában. English Description: We've started our Hungarian Joomla user group (Joomla Klub - - in 2010. We hold meetings in every 3 week at Budapest city in a local community center (Cs


Joomla User Group North East

A Joomla user group in the North East of England, based in Newcastle. Newcomers through to supergeeks are all welcome to share in the Joomla love. We are running informal meetings each month in the center of Newcastle, where different members can present on topics of their choice. We will also be running Q&A sessions, extension reviews and demonstrations.

Category:United Kingdom

Joomla! User Group Silesia

[ENG] Joomla! User Group - Silesia supports Silesia in Poland. We welcome anyone who would like to join the group and who wants to promote Joomla!. We will be meeting according to the schedule on our website. [PL] Joomla! User Group - Silesia to grupa miłośników Joomla! ze Śląska. Zapraszamy, każdego kto będzie chciał dołączyć do nas i wspólnie promować Joomla!. Nasze spotkania odbywają się zgodnie z harmonogramem na naszej stonie internetowej. Serdecznie zapraszamy !


Joomla! User Group Sevilla

This group aims at spreading Joomla in Seville and its surroundings. We are happy to welcome every kind of users, from total newbies to experienced joomlers. Feel free to contact us via the contact form in our website. Nuestro objetivo es cohesionar y hacer crecer la comunidad joomlera local. Usuarios de cualquier nivel son bienvenidos, desde novatos totales hasta joomleros expertos. No dudes en enviarnos un correo o dejar un mensaje a través del formulario de contacto de la página para cualquier duda o sugerencia que tengas.


NYC Joomla User Group

What are we? We are a group of Joomla! users that get together once a month for networking, brain picking, and to have a good time! Each meeting will involve topics that cater to end users (front end users, business type people), web developers, Joomla! developers, and those that are just thinking about Joomla! Who are we? Our group is only as good as the people that come to our meetings! Although we do have our own 'core', anyone is welcome to voice their opinion, present on a topic, or help out with an event. Again we must empasize that anyone interested in Joomla! will get something out of our meetings! Why should I come? Since our meetings are only as good as the people in attendance, that is why you should come! If you

Category:New York

Joomla! User Group Lagos

Joomla! User Group (JUG) Nigeria is a collection of various joomla enthusiast users who collectively organize several meetings to discuss, share and have fun networking together at various possibilities of using joomla. The group shall meet (to start with) once in a quarter. Meetings will be at Locations in Lagos. As time goes on, the frequency and location of the meetings will be increased. This Group is A Not-for-Profit IT support group that would enable free flow of support and exchange of ideas in the open source community of Joomla!. This we hope will help those of us that have benefited so much from the community to give back to the community that has helped our work so much. Events shall be organised from time to time by the group


Grupo de Usuarios Joomla Valparaíso

Joomla User Group! Valparaiso is a group formed by Joomla professionals and enthusiasts who share a passion for this CMS. We are happy to create this meeting place for Joomla Users to city of Valparaiso in which we are all called to bring the various initiatives to spreading, training and give support on Joomla. The group is essentially free and we welcome all interested parties to participate in all levels of knowledge, from beginners to professionals, because we are Joomla together as a whole.   Our meetings are a free and open assistance, which aims to interact more closely and community exchange views, experiences, providing information on lectures, courses, projects and permanently providing accompaniment to anyone who needs it.


Joomla! User Group Zwolle

||DUTCH|| De Joomla gebruikersgroep regio Zwolle komt om de maand bij elkaar. Bezoek voor een overzicht van de komende bijeenkomsten en om in contact te komen met deze gebruikersgroep. ||ENGLISH|| The Joomla User Group Zwolle meets bi-monthly. Visit for a list of upcoming meetings and to get in touch with this user group.