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Joomla! User Group Verona

Joomla! User Group of Verona is a community that promotes the use of Joomla, organizes events, courses and talks on the CMS Joomla!. * Joomla! User Group Verona è una community di Verona che promuove l'uso di Joomla, organizza eventi, corsi e talk sul Cms Joomla!.

Joomla! User Group Catania

Since ten years We Are All Joomla Enthusiast ;) * Joomla! User Group Catania is group of people that promotes Joomla, organizes meetings, workshops and talks on the CMS Joomla! * ------------------------------------------------ Da 10 anni Utilizziamo Joomla con con Entusiasmo ;) * Joomla! User Group Catania è un gruppo di persone che promuove l'utilizzo di Joomla, organizza incontri, workshop e chiaccherate riguardanti questo CMS

Joomla! User Group Barletta

The group aims to promote cultural and scientific disclosure of the CMS (Content Management System) Joomla! And the Open Source and Free Software related to it. * Il gruppo si propone di promuovere manifestazioni culturali e scientifiche per la divulgazione del CMS (Content Management System) Joomla!e dell’Open Source e del Free Software ad esso collegati.

Joomla! User Group Vicenza

We are a group of people that meet in Vicenza each second Tuesday of the month to share our knowledge of Joomla!.

Joomla! User Group Pontecosi

Joomla User Group Pontecosi is a small community that promotes and shares the knowledge of the use of Joomla, Find Bugs, quality and Testing, workshops and talks primarily on the CMS Joomla! but it is careful to leave a look also for other projects Open Source Software.

Joomla! User Group Brescia

Joomla! User Group Brescia is your community to talk about our favorite cms. * Online and offline, we would set many LAB about theme, plugin, override, and much more. * And yes, we talk italian (with a little bit of english).

Joomla! User Group Portogruaro

Tutti abbiamo bisogno di Joomla! * Il nostro gruppo si è appena costituito ed intende promuovere l'utilizzo del software libero ed il CMS Joomla! * Intendiamo incontrarci ogni 6 mesi circa e tutti sono invitati a partecipare gratuitamente ai nostri incontri e alle nostre discussioni all'interno delle nostre community online. * Cercheremo contatti con altri JUG allo scopo di condividere il più possibile informazioni e conoscenza. * Everyone needs joomla! * Our group has just formed and will promote the use of Open Source software and the CMS Joomla! * We intend to meet every 6 months and all are invited to attend our meetings and our discussions within our online community. * We will seek contacts with other JUG the purpose of sharing information

Joomla! User Group Firenze

Joomla! User Group Firenze is a community that promotes the use of Joomla! and the Open Source software. * This group will organize events or workshops and will share ideas and code. For all those who use Joomla!, both beginners and experts or developers. * We are starting up the group so we hope many open source software or Joomla lovers who live in Florence or near will be part of the upcoming events.

Joomla! User Group Lecce

Joomla User Group Lecce is a community of people based in Lecce and Salento that promotes the use of Joomla, organizes events, workshops and talks on the CMS Joomla! and Open Source Software.

Joomla! User Group Rome

Joomla! User Group Rome is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla!® name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, the trademark holder in the United States and other countries

Joomla! User Group Milano

Joomla! User Group MIlan is a community that promotes the use of Joomla, organizes events, workshops and talks on the CMS Joomla! and Open Source Software.