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Joomla! User Group Grenoble

Le JUG Grenoble propose aux utilisateurs Joomla! de la région de se réunir mensuellement pour discuter de Joomla! et partager nos experiences. Tous les utilisateurs sont bienvenus, des experts aux débutants. _ _ _ _ _ _ The JUG Grenoble aims to group the Joomla! users from the region around Joomla! to discuss the news, share experiences, organizing events, meetings, and so on. From beginners to experts are welcome!

Joomla! User Group Paris

Parisian friends hello! JUG Paris (France) has been set up to grow the Joomla! community in Paris neighborhood. We regularly have talks by the members on aspects of Joomla Administration or integration. We wish today to group webmaster and amateurs of around Joomla! To share our experiences. Thus the objectives are: to discuss, to form, to have a drink (or two) as well as that to share our realizations and problems around Joomla! Any suggestions of dates, places and themes for our meetings are welcome. See you soon...