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Joomla User Group Pune

JUG Pune is a enthusiastic crowd of Joomlians and Joomlers from in and around Pune and is one of the most active JUGs in the area. We are also behind the organisation of Joomla Day India. Meetups cover a range of topics from beginner topics to hard core development. Free trainings, Expert speakers and more await you here ! PS. We occasionally also have freebies and goodies to give away from our awesome sponsors ! If you are a Joomla Enthusiast & are based in Pune, you gotta join ! Facebook Group : Google List :

Joomla! User Network - Ahmedabad

Joomla! User Network - Ahmedabad is a registered Joomla! user group mainly originated from Ahmedabad. If you are in Gujarat - and looking for Joomla! Contribution Locally, we would like to invite you to join to group to make this community stornger. Contact any of our member and they will help you to join.

Joomla! Community Jodhpur

A new open source project has been come in Jodhpur, if you are around to the Jodhpur and you want to Contribute with Joomla project or you want to Involve in Joomla Community Jodhpur, You can because open source means "Do whatever you Want." Welcome all of you.

Joomla User Group Mumbai

Joomla User Group Mumbai is registered to help the Joomla community in Mumbai to meet and share Joomla knowledge.

Joomla! User Group Ahmedabad

We are a bunch of good joomla users and we soon want to start building new extensions...

Joomla! User Association Andhra Pradesh

This Group is a real Group where team work is seen! Also this group plays a major role in spreading the world, the Word JOOMLA. Promoting it in the locality and upgrading the technology of web designers to JOOMLA!

Joomla! User Group Jaipur

Raising awareness about Joomla and assist Joomla users in enhancing their skills for better and successful deployment of Joomla by facilitating monthly in person meetings.