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Description: Collaborative brainstorming using sticky notes is a method for holding productive meetings to collaboratively develop ideas. A session begins with participants taking a few moments to write ideas on sticky notes. These notes are then categorized and discussed by the group. It's a great method, but not without flaws. Flaws that our application addresses.

Having all information on the computer lets you hook up a projector so that everyone can see what is going on. It also lets you easily save your work afterwards.


I agree with the other reviewers that this site has a nice look to the homepage, but nothing more.

In fact, the homepage is graphic-intense, which makes slow to load. There are zero graphics on all the other pages of the site, which makes them unappealing. A visitor is forced to scroll down the homepage to view the details of the service. "Buy", "Support", and "About Us" are all basically a single-line of text--hardly worthy to have separate links. In it's current design, these one-liners could have all been included on the homepage and saved the user a couple of useless clicks.

IMO, it would have been better to keep the homepage simple (just the top two graphics); make the images clickable to take you to details (i.e. clicking the iPhone takes you to the "Start your iPhones" page); and finally, add more text to all sections to really sell the features of the product.
bybj on December 1, 2010
I don't see why they chose joomla as the platform - iut seems like any basic website (well designed graphically). I don't see any of
Joomla's very capable features being used here. Perhaps in the future. on November 22, 2010
I love the design.
bymlipscomb on March 20, 2010
I really like the graphics for this site. You go to it and immediately understand what the site is about. Great job!

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