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Description: (formerly is the official website of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The show (airing worldwide) delivers a distinct brand of high-risk, live-action athletic entertainment, featuring some of the most exciting and recognizable stars in wrestling today. is today one of the most visited Joomla! websites worldwide, with over 2 million unique visitors per month.
Case Study: A true high-traffic Joomla! based website. More than 2 million unique visitors every month on a site that's only based on a 1 server setup running Nginx, Apache, PHP as FastCGI module with APC for caching. Static assets are offloaded using a CDN provider.

The content is entirely based on K2 and K2 is the reason the site switched from a 2 server setup in its previous version to a 1 server setup only, as it performs much better in high load cases compared to the default article system. Not to mention all the additional integration coming with K2...

The slideshow is powered by Frontpage Slideshow, videos are displayed using AllVideos and image galleries are powered by Simple Image Gallery Pro. All content modules are essentially "K2 Content" in different sub-templates. CDN integration is done via the "Extended Cache & CDN" plugin by JoomlaWorks.

The website also comes in a mobile version, using a sub-template inside the main template with JavaScript wizardry to properly load the mobile version when needed, even behind the CDN. Check it out:


byjohnkarl on April 28, 2013
The perfect way, how to realize a great joomla site.

bymakingmemark on July 15, 2010
Great work guys. Very impressive and inspiring.
bykomrade on August 8, 2009
The news modules are JoomlaWorks UCD - check it out at ;)
This is a great example of a large portal utilizing joomla. It appears theres alot of custom html modules and i like how they've implemented the latest and featured news modules.
byivanlsjr on April 10, 2009
This is my perception of what joomla could be. I am still trying to achieve this level of creativity. Very nice

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