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Description: Exprimate Communication is the communication department of Initiale. With a team formed from PR specialists we would like to help the societies of Transylvania to communicate better.Case Study: Since Transylvania is a bilingual region, we have a two language Joomla site, but with two different domains. is the Romanian, while is the Hungarian. Two domains means the easier targeting and optimization, and with two different Joomla installation we can provided targeted content, not a simple translation. We included a button in the upper right hand corner for language and font size switching.

We wanted to go with a two column layout (where it made sense) and wrote a lot of custom CSS code to achieve the looks we where aiming for while using tableless design.

We also included some Adobe Flash elements, and use JCE for editing. We also implemented quite a few YooTools, like YooSearch to provide a rich user experience.


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