The Joomla! Community Showcase ™


bybj, December 1, 2010
McKenzie River Mountain Resort
Design has lots of visual impact - great use of images and integrated video. Like the integration of online reservation system.
Maharani Tiles
Some of the site has graphics that are a bit hokey and detract from the rich design - but overall a good design.
Hawaii Islands Travel
the sites potential of being the gateway it would like to be. Lot's of wasted space with modules that do nothing to help one find great things (or great specials) in Hawaii. Note to designers - rethink the front layout as if you were a potential visitor.
Snapper Display Systems
Must have been voted on by a bunch of friends of teh designer. Its OK but not worthy of "best of' class by any means.
bybj, December 1, 2010
Sticky Brainstorming
I don't see why they chose joomla as the platform - iut seems like any basic website (well designed graphically). I don't see any of
Joomla's very capable features being used here. Perhaps in the future.
bybj, December 1, 2010
McKenzie River Tourism Association
we've been looking for something like this for our community - its neat to sea what can be done with joomla!