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Description: Ventura County West is a destination travel website, developed by SOHO Prospecting, that was commissioned by the Ventura County Lodging Association (VCLA) to promote the western region of Ventura County as a travel destination. Replete with wonderful beaches and hiking locations, as well as dining and nightlife.Case Study: Working in association with theAgency, a local marketing and advertising company, SOHO Prospecting developed this site in six weeks to meet the client's advertising deadline. This site accepts hotel and event feeds from around Ventura County and displays these as well as entries that are created on the website itself.

The biggest challenge in creating a destination travel site like this is the availability of engaging images and content. Fortunately, these elements were provided by theAgency and SOHO Prospecting were able to integrate our existing feed technology with other components to create a dazzling website.


byCash on March 21, 2013
This place looks amazing. The website works perfectly even when on a mobile device. I''ve been looking for a place to vacation and thanks to the user friendly website I am feeling much more confident in making a decision. Beautiful work with everything.
byChristianCain on March 20, 2013
aesthetically pleasing!!! truly one of the best i have seen in along time. The fonts are perfect. Scale and design Perfect AAA+ Thanks again
bymohamad.mgm on December 16, 2012
Good use of colors , i mean designer used simple and sedative colors . Fonts are one more parameter in this site that i line,

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