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Description: If you’d like to raise the coffin lid a little higher this year—check out these projects and tips in the book, How To Haunt Your House. Turn your usual Halloween bash into something really hair-raising this year! Over 300 color photos of step-by-step projects and inspirational photos.Case Study: Joomla 1.5 site built to promote Home Haunter's Books, How To Haunt Your House. The site contains photo albums and videos using Slideshow Pro. Joomla provides an easy method of updating the site. Lynne is not a programmer, but a graphic designer with some web coding knowledge. Joomla provides the perfect base code which Lynne can go in and work with and create a custom Joomla template. Once a new look is needed, she just inserts a new one easily and goes from there.


I will make a creepy doll ASAP ! :)
byboone on September 19, 2011
bysheyski on August 23, 2011
I like your site! The video is nice and creepy too.
bysebsteffes on July 28, 2009
I think the overall look of your site is really well done. It really catches the ambiance.
Some critics:
One should be able to watch the video full screen.

You should insert the downloadable stuff directly into the articles (and not only on the download page)

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