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Description: Radio Las Positas is the student radio station of Las Positas College in Livermore, CA. What you hear on this Web site is purely student produced.

Our mission is to provide the global Las Positas College community with:
- Student-centric culture
- Information vital to active engagement in society
- A sincere reflection of the student mindset through student-programmed music, sports, entertainment and news content

In doing so, we aim to provide students the opportunity to:
- Learn how to produce radio
- Become employable communicators in the radio and audio-arts industries
- Develop into transfer-ready communication students within four-year institutions
Case Study: This website serves as the face of an online radio station, and as such is designed to house live and automated streams, and student blogs with embedded recordings.

The site uses the Vox Yootheme template, Lyften Bloggie, AceSEF, JEvents, JComments and other native Joomla components. It also integrates scripts to display live listener stats, and tools to engage listeners with DJs: chatroom and webcam.

The site was redesigned in the summer of 2010, and engagement metrics comparing the six months before and after the redesign have been astounding: Bounce rate dropped from mid 50% to 6%; and pages viewed per visit and time spent per visit doubled.

The student content producers are currently on a program of publishing regular blog postings that integrate strategic keywords, then sharing them via at least one social media outlet. The result has been an extremely noticeable improvement in search engine rankings, particularly with two newly introduced keywords "fasho" and "fa sho" - top six Google rankings on both within nine months.


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