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Description: An electronic dance music radio station broadcasting 24-7, display the latest major electronic music industry news, social networking, and music downloads all wrapped around content to promote local unknown djs, singers, and producers as well as their music.Case Study: The site was built using a WIDE rang of plug-ins, components, and a HUGE amount of modules both with standard and customized positions.
There are still quite a long list of other plugins, modules, and components to drive this site.
While the half the site works using Joomla extensions + 3rd party ( For joomla components, modules, and plugins ) there is still a MAJOR part of its broadcast and banner display properties that do NOT use joomla, created by the owner of the site and included into joomla's display.

All features and visual workings of this site were done with ZERO hacks to the joomla core.

This site gains from 2million to 5.3 million visitors a month
and since using Joomla as its CORE attributes, it has yet to crash, slow, or be hacked.

Main compunent / plugin uses for this site are:

Jomsocial - Social networking
Kunena - Message boards
MyBlog - Music downloads area
JDownloads - Secondary Dj mix downloads area
JEvents - Events calendar
Frontpage Slideshow - Media display
JoomlaXTC Primetime Slideshow Pro - Media display
Tienda - Online shopping cart
YooTheme Zoo - for some of its components

Main Plugins:
AutoTweet NG Automator-Plugin
Content - Load Module
Modules Anywhere
Content Hider
Registration Validator
Community Walls
Activity comments
Kunena Discuss
JEvents - Enables JComments for Event Descriptions
Jom Comment
JSPT Community Plugin
My Forum Menu


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