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Description: ADream is a weekly radio Show created in the year 2005 by 3 argentineans: Myself: Alejandra Iorgulescu from Los Angeles, CA and Laura Vangioni & Diego Correa from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
ADream is the exact and perfect link between our passion for good music: Chillout, Ambient and Downtempo.
(Site in English & Spanish)
Case Study: The main goal of this site was to be able to host our weekly editions, in a way that was easy and fast for our audience to listen to via the web player (in this case I used Wimpy) or download them (here DocMan came in extremely handy!).
I built the site about a year and a half ago. Based on the Hyperion Template from Rocket theme. Have used numerous bots, comps and mods, such as:
community builder, fireboard, docman, easy comments, etc.
Gradually edited most of the CSS to adapt it to an ever growing website.
Looking forward to upgrading to 1.5 as soon as I get some time to do it!


bybloque9 on August 11, 2009
Great design. Simple but elegant. Just loved the concept... and the music is just great!

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